What's next for smarter fleet management?

Introducing our 360° Formula

The benefits of LeasePlan fleet management. Keeping your company on the move.

A global leader with 50 years’ experience. Offering you a solution for smarter fleet management.

What’s next?

Have a look at how to balance the 3 key drivers of fleet management.

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Sustainability

Employee Satisfaction

  • Give exclusive offers to employees
    Make it easier and cheaper for your employees to keep a car with Team Leaseplan.
  • Flexible choice of make & model
    The right vehicles for your company, your employees and your budget
  • Little or no costs for personal use and maintenance
    Whatever fits best within your fleet policy and benefit scheme
  • Access to online tools and apps
    Convenience and ease for your employees
  • International fuel card
    Making fuel management easier for you and your employees
  • Access to a replacement vehicle during maintenance and repairs
    Ensuring your employees are always mobile
  • Increased road safety through our 3D Insured Fleets
    Peace of mind wherever, whenever
  • The ideal replacement cycle of all fleet cars
    Your employees will always drive the latest and safest vehicles


Did you know we are part of the EV100 global initiative? Bringing together forward looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and making electric transport the new normal by 2030.

Let us guide you how to lower your fleet emissions.

Inform you about new developments in sustainability. Whether low emission zones will impact your business

Share annual reports showing your company’s average carbon emissions

Compare your company’s vehicle emission levels with current market and industry statistics

Changing any of these can impact your carbon footprint:

  • Your company’s overall fuel consumption
  • The appropriate fuel types for your company
  • Mileage management

Considering what’s next for you?

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