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Taking your business as the foundation, together we define your fleet strategy and decide which fleet solutions you need. LeasePlan has a broad offering; our standard package for operational lease includes financing your vehicle, road taxation, damage & repair, tyres, Fleet Reporting, our 24/7 Driver Contact Centre and so on. Depending on your needs, you can choose the level of support from LeasePlan, from outsourcing your entire fleet management services to accessing online tools, so you can manage your fleet yourself.

Our specialised fleet solutions such as Consultancy Services with our fleet experts will help you with valuable data insights to industry benchmarks to ensure your fleet keeps up with industry standards. With our online tools for fleet managers and drivers, we make fleet management as hassle free as possible.

Together, we can work towards a more sustainable fleet, optimise your costs and keep your drivers safe and happy on the road.

We also offer you to update your car policy so it fits your strategy for your costs, your drivers, your sustainability goals. Using the Car Policy Configurator, together with your LeasePlan account manager, you can have a car policy that fits your needs in only one hour.


Cost optimisation

To budget effectively, you need cost efficiency and transparency. We provide insights into your fleet data and monitoring with My Fleet. We advise with vehicle selection for the right job (Consultancy services) and offer vehicles at competitive prices (bulk buy).


Driver safety and satisfaction

Our priority is keeping your employees happy and safe on the road. Our My LeasePlan app lets drivers easily manage maintenance and repairs and our Active Prevention program increases driver safety.


Sustainable fleet solutions

Want to transition to a more sustainable fleet? Well done! Our Start Electric offer helps you transform your fleet to electric with home/office charging solutions and implementation services.

Why LeasePlan?

LeasePlan has 50+ years of experience in over 30 countries, helping companies big and small drive costs down and making fleet management as hassle free as we can. We tailor fleet management solutions to fit your strategy and budget, offering as little or as much outsourcing as you need.

Fleet management made easy, so you can focus on what’s next: driving your business forward.

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SafePlan Zero

In LeasePlan, we want to make our car fleet the safest in the industry. To realize our zero vision, we have developed SafePlan Zero, which we offer our leasing and insurance customers. SafePlan Zero provides guidance and support, as well as practical tools to take advantage of the simple benefits and handle the more challenging security risks.

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Fleet Balance - make it match!

With Fleet Balance, we help our customers uncover the gap between the desired and optimal fleet strategy. One of our fleet experts will then advise you on how you can make a match between the current and desired fleet management.

Try Fleet Balance today and find your company's optimal fleet strategy in just 5 minutes!

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