Electrify your fleet

Why plug into electric mobility?

It’s simple: internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles account for a significant quantity of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. There’s an urgent need to reduce emissions to prevent the worst effects of climate change, and with 50% of vehicles on the roads today registered to corporate organisations, businesses have a key part to play.

But electrification is not only an opportunity to lower your business’s environmental footprint (and keep your customers, partners and investors happy). It’s also a way to improve cost efficiency thanks to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO; see below) and to give employees a better and more high-tech driving experience.

We will actively support your transition to an electric fleet

    Driver support

    Including a dedicated help desk for FAQs and tips on electric vehicles.

    Charging support

    Advice on the best charging solutions, online insights on your charging, 24/7 monitoring and FAQs about charging

Getting your drivers up to speed

Are your drivers wary of EVs or eager to step on the electric accelerator? Either way, fleet managers need to make sure employees are both motivated and trained to make the switch safely and efficiently. It’s also important that they can easily find answers to their questions – from the best EV driving behaviours and how to make sure they always have enough charge to whether they can use their EV to go on holiday.

Meanwhile, making the right EV choices for your employees is key to building up an enthusiastic workplace community of EV drivers. These ‘ambassadors’ will in turn be more likely to encourage colleagues to join the drive to zero-emission mobility.

Our experiences with our own fleet electrification programme and those of our many EV customers make LeasePlan the ideal partner for fleet managers. We can provide numerous tips and tricks to make the transition as smooth and positive as possible.

Read more to discover how to bring your employees along the fleet electrification journey

    The route

    Can your employees easily drive between home and work? Or do some people need to cover longer distances on their commute, or to reach clients?

    Charging options

    Is home charging possible for your employees? Or will they rely on public charging stations or office charging points?

    The models

    Do some of your employees need more from their vehicle when using it outside work (like a large boot or space for all the kids)?