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9.640 kr
incl. Vat
48 mo
20,000 km
100.000 kr


Nå kan du lease NIO EL6 hos LeasePlan! NIO EL6 er en romslig, elektrisk SUV med firehjulstrekk og hele 360 kW fordelt på to motorer. Bilen har en klasselederne bredde og god plass til både passasjerer og bagasje. Matrix fjernlys kommer som standard og ni forskjellige kjøremoduser, deriblant Snømodus, gjør bilen perfekt for Norske forhold. Avbildet modell kan avvike fra tilbudet. Det er mulig å endre både innskudd, kjørelengde og periode. Ta kontakt med oss for å få tilsendt et konkurransedyktig tilbud! Forbehold om endring i bilpriser og avgifter, samt feil i annonsen. BaaS/batterileie på 1999,- pr. mnd. er inkl. i leien.

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What's included in the price?

Service & maintenance

We have a wide range of suppliers throughout Norway.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are included.

Delivery within Oslo

Delivery within Oslo is included in the price, for other areas in Norway a delivery fee may apply.


Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I want other equipment? Our offers are based on demand in the market. At any time we try to have the correct equipment model available. If you want equipment options that are not listed - Go to the next step and add this in the 'Other info' field. If the car has a short delivery time this might not be possible as these are cars that are in stock.What do I do if I want different mileage/duration? Our offer options are based on demand in the market. At any time we try to have the contract options that is cheapest for you. If you want a different mileage or duration than what we have selected - Go to the next step and add your request in the "other info" field.What kind of interest do the offers have? LeasePlan operates with fixed interest on all our online offers.What do I do if I want additional services? All our offers include service & maintenance, winter tyres, and transport within Oslo/Akershus. If you want insurance or a fuel card from LeasePlan - Go to the next step and add these services in the "Other info" field. Our sales representatives will contact you about a new offer.

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