Used cars get a new lease of life

  • This makes us interesting for many people who have never considered leasing a car before.

LeasePlan has had great success with offering its customers new cars on leasing contracts for a three or four-year period.

Now the company aims to reach new customers by offering used cars on shorter and more flexible contracts, according to LeasePlan´s Segment Manager Sme and Private, Stian Stramrud.

The cars can be from six months to three years old.

**- By leasing out previously used cars, we can provide more flexible deals. That makes us interesting for many people, who have never considered leasing a car until now.

  • Sometimes, people need an extra car for a period of time and often they need it straight away. This service is also ideal for those who have ordered a new leasing car, but are waiting for it to be delivered, says Stramrud.
June 20, 2018

All inclusive

As is usual with traditional leasing contracts, LeasePlan takes full responsibility for the used cars during the contract period.

  • We only offer cars that have a hundred percent service record. The customers get predictable expenses, and everything on the same bill. That is something we know is widely appreciated, says Stramrud.

The models on offer will vary according to what kind of cars which have been handed in after their contracts have run out.

Increasing popularity

At the moment, the first used cars to be offered on the new deals are smaller cars, which is in large demand, according to Stramrud. The first customers have already signed their contracts, but LeasePlan will expand the promotion gradually through the autum.

He is happy that the new offer also has a positive effect on the environment.

  • By giving the cars a new life, we give people a good alternative to buying a new car. That ensures a positive effect when it comes to the environment, Stramrud says.
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