New technology keeps your children safe in traffic

These are the things you should look for next time you are choosing a car.

Since Volvo introduced safety belts as standard equipment in 1959, car manufacturers have developed more and more advanced safety technology to prevent accidents and the impacts from them. 

LeasePlan, one of the largest car leasing companies in Norway, has therefore aimed to provide a large selection of cars with the latest technology to keep you and your family safe while driving. 

Below are some of the new security systems you should consider next time you are looking for a new car:

April 23, 2018

Collision warning: Systems that help identify potential hazards in front of and behind the car, and issue a warning sound, are becoming increasingly popular.

With the help from cameras and sensors around the car, they can reduce the risk of driving into other cars in heavy traffic.

Automatic emergency braking: Some systems add increased braking power when the driver applies heavy pressure to the car brake.

Some systems may also brake the car themselves in front of obstacles, thereby reducing the risk of collisions.

Blind-spot monitor: Systems that help you discover other cars in your blind spot when you are about to make the car turn, with a warning either by light or sound.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Helps the car maintain a steady speed. At the same time it makes sure there is a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you.

Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist: Many cars have a warning light or a sound alert, which is triggered when the car moves outside the painted lane markings.

Some cars also have systems that take over control of the car and helps it back into position inside the lane, when the warning is triggered.

Fewer deadly accidents

According to official statistics in Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå), an average of 146 people have died every year in traffic accidents in each of the last five years.

Nils Sødal in the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) says the effort to increase car security has resulted in fewer and less serious accidents. 

  • Many accidents that previously would have had a fatal outcome, will often end well today. The reason is the focus on the security through the cars’ electronic systems, providing more airbags and the internal construction of the cars.

    Increased car security is one of the main reasons the number of accidents and deaths have decreased.

Sødal says a lot of new cars today have good safety standards, but he suggests drivers check their cars scores with the scores from EuroNCAP.

  • We recommend that everyone who is considering buying a car, check it with EuroNCAP, because there are still differences between the car manufacturers when it comes to safety.

  • We need to build safer roads NAF also asks the government to improve traffic security, by building safer roads.

  • Our main challenge is the roads that are in poor condition, due to insufficient maintenance. More needs to be done, like clearing away trees and rocks close to the roads. There also needs to be set up more barriers to separate the traffic. Our bridges and their railings are also in poor condition and they need to be fixed. We must work harder to remove the decay of our roads, says Sødal.

Large variations

Procurement Category Manager in LeasePlan Norge, Thomas Wathne, says it is important that customers take car security into consideration.

  • There are many excellent new security and driver assist-systems in new cars. Many of the systems can still be expensive in certain models, but others are more affordable and delivered in packages that include the most important things. 

  • These systems can save lives and reduce the costs on driving, but our advice is to be sensible about what you need. Some of the systems are not necessary, compared to the price from the manufacturers. Prices can vary a lot from one model to the next.

  • Standard equipment can also vary a lot between manufacturers and car models. What comes as standard equipment in a car from Japan and South Korea may be something you need to pay a little bit extra for, from a rivaling manufacturer.

  • Premium cars do not automatically have more safety equipment than a standard model - there are big differences. Every prospective driver needs to make their own comparisons, or seek advice from a brand-neutral leasing company.

  • For expensive cars, a good safety package is vital for securing a good second-hand value. In less expensive cars it is not as important, says Wathne.

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