July 3, 2018

New cars will get rid of their steering wheels

Tomorrow´s car journeys will be something completely different from what you are used to.

Cars that travel in self-autonomous mode have become more and more usual worldwide.

But even though today´s cars still provide the owner with the option to take control, that looks set to change soon.

Chevrolet has announced that they are working on a car completely without the traditional steering wheel.

According to website Hybridcars, the Chevrolet Cruise AV will be launched for sale next year, without either steering wheels or pedals.

21 sensors and 16 cameras will be placed around the car body, to make sure it stays on the road correctly.

  • Norway is ahead of the rest of the world
    Chevrolet has not yet announced when the car will be on sale in Norway.

Procurement Category Manager in LeasePlan, Thomas Wathne, says self-driving cars will come to Norway too.

  • Norwegian consumers are usually far ahead when it comes to adapting new technology, and this will be no exception. The Minister of Transport has already signaled strongly that the government will do what they can to encourage this development.

Wathne emphasizes that this development will happen gradually. People who prefer to drive themselves, will therefore have many cars to choose from in the foreseeable future.

  • Most people today prefer to have the option of some control over the car available. So, I believe the new cars will have some manual steering included even if the steering wheel is removed.

According to website The Verge, Chevrolet is not the only car manufacturer to plan models without steering wheels or pedals.

Ford have announced their own plans to have a self-driving car on the road by the year 2021.

- Limited areas in the beginning
In the beginning, self-driving cars will be restricted to limited areas, according to Wathne.

  • The roads in Norway are very challenging, so the car manufacturers will have many problems to sort out, before the self-driving cars can go everywhere.
  • Specialized autonomous cars that can be used within restricted zones, such as simple personal transportation, and regular transportation of goods are however, not far from reality. Only some changes in the law are missing, before we see these in daily traffic.

When the law has been changed and the technology behind self-driving cars have been duly tested, Wathne believes we will see big changes in how we use our car daily.

New possibilities
Cars that help stressful parents by taking their children to football practice by itself, and self-driving taxis are just some of the new services that may see the light of the day.

  • Also, we will see drive-in stores, where the car drives around and shops while its owner is at work or at home. Drunk-driving may also be history, as the car will take you home without you driving, says Wathne.

A new driver-less future may, however, also provide new challenges for the police.

  • There are many new possibilities, but with new “freight robots” there may also be several new challenges connected to smuggling and transport of illegal goods around the country. It is important to work with the technology and the laws to make sure this revolution is handled in a responsible way.
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