June 14, 2018

Future cars will be like smartphones

Tomorrow´s car journeys will be very different from what we are used to today, according to LeasePlan’s Hans-Jørgen Runde.

The popularity of new electric cars has led to a rapid engine development from the world´s leading manufacturers in the last few years.

But LeasePlan’s head of purchasing, Hans-Jørgen Runde, predicts that the inside of the car also is in line for a major transformation in the future.

  • Future cars will be like smartphones. Tesla has already started to show what Is possible, by incorporating a web browser in the car.

    New EU regulations – which also have been introduced in Norway – makes it mandatory for all cars that are sold after March 31 to be fitted with an eCall-system.

    The system enables the car to make contact with emergency services after an accident and send them the its position, so help can arrive as soon as possible.

Increased traffic security

Runde believes the new system will have a great effect on traffic security.

  • If something happens with your car, sensors will make it dial for help by itself. That can mean the difference between life and death, for example if the driver is unconscious.

    Runde thinks SIM-cards and web browsers in new cars will give a many new helpful options for drivers who experiences problems in traffic. 

  • If you are involved in an accident, the car might for example get you a list over nearby car workshops.

    Tesla´s efforts to help their customers in the prelude to the hurricane Irma in Florida 2017 is a great example of drivers´ new reality, according to Runde.

The electric car manufacturer temporarily increased the effect of Tesla cars, which were equipped with a block on their battery output.

Drivers could then drive for about 48 km longer, on a fully charged battery.

  • Tesla´s effort is a good example on what you can achieve when the manufacturer can communicate with their cars. Imagine how important those extra kilometres can be during a natural disaster.

New possibilities As completely self-autonomous cars become a reality, Runde thinks internet connections can change how we behave in traffic.

  • In the long term, I believe we will get a new “life on board”, what we do while the car takes care of the driving.

  • In the next decade there will be a lot of changes. Soon we might be doing our shopping online, while our car drives us home from work.

  • There is also a lot of talk about DAB radio, but with SIM-cards in every car we will have the option to listen to internet radio, which has good reception and gives us greater possibilities, says Runde.

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