We’re living in a time where people are moving from owning cars to using cars-as-a-service. With 50+ years of leasing expertise, LeasePlan is well positioned to be a leader in the car-as-a-service market. We aim to and deliver any car, anytime, anywhere to you, whether you’re a large corporation, SME or individual consumer.

We’re also developing new services with mobility innovators like GoMore Norway.

Car sharing

Cars were made for driving. So what’s the point of having them sit around unused? We’re developing innovative services to help consumers and business make the most of their budgets. By using cars only when youneed them. And then sharing them with the next driver.


Technology is transforming what it means to drive. Cars are becoming so smart, they are nearly computers on wheels. And this rapid change is bringing exciting new opportunities.

Connected cars

Smart technology makes it easy to navigate to your destination. Or stream music from your phone. But it can also help keep you safe. Alert emergency services in an accident. Improve your driving. And cut your fuel consumption. We’re using data to improve your driving experience. Every time you get behind the wheel.

Self-driving cars

Just a few years ago, self-driving cars sounded like science fiction. But as technology and safety improve, they are now a real possibility. Some say they’ll be a common sight as early as 2030. We’re continuously exploring the options. To stay at the forefront of autonomous cars and related developments.

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