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100% zero-emission fleet of vehicles

The next step in sustainable mobility is electric cars

Driving electric is easier now than ever before. With lower battery, energy and maintenance costs the cost of driving an electric vehicle is becoming attractive. Governments are also providing electric driving incentives like lower taxes and public charging stations.

Using the LeasePlan All-in solution, it’s a step you can take quickly, efficiently and without getting tangled up in administrative fuss and bother. We select the electric cars that best suit the needs of your drivers and which offer good recharging options, both at home, public charging points and at work. Invoicing is via a simple, clear, centralised billing system. You can also rely on our total support at any time, should you need it.

Our aim: to achieve a 100% zero-emission fleet of vehicles by 2030.

The importance of having a 100% electric fleet

Electric cars have no direct CO2 emissions and so fit in perfectly with your company’s strategy on sustainability. They also drive your costs down, giving you the highest possible level of tax efficiency, as well as making appreciable savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Modern electric cars are also safer, because the engine is smaller and is located underneath the chassis, rather than at the front of the car.

LeasePlan electromobility solution

Our approach has 3 main pillars



LeasePlan provides a complete service with your electric vehicle. From helping you to pick the right electric vehicle for your needs to financing, maintenance and insurance.

Electric driving

Charging solutions

All charging solutions that you need for your electric vehicles, can be delivered by LeasePlan. This way, you only have one single point of contact for all the logistics that come with an electric vehicle.

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Implementation services

Switching to an electric car, has a few steps. . LeasePlan will actively support you during the entire process with driver support, questions about your charging solutions, and all other practicalities.

How it works?

LeasePlan: founding member of EV100

LeasePlan is the only automotive company to have joined, as a founding member, the EV initiative (The Climate Group) whose priority is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and their infrastructure. This initiative is the first of its kind to encourage companies worldwide to engage in electric mobility; its members willing to convert their gasoline and diesel fleets into fleets of electric vehicles by 2030.

Seven reasons to start electric


By producing no exhaust gas, electric vehicles contribute to the improvement of air quality and emit less CO2 overall than thermal vehicles.

Business continuity 

Due to the presence of toxic substances in the fuel, electric vehicles will become an essential solution to continue circulating in the city.


The new electric vehicles have sufficient autonomy for the majority of drivers. By offering chargers at home and at the workplace, 90% of load requirements are covered.


The majority of manufacturers strengthen their electric range to meet the needs and thus improve the autonomy of vehicles.


The TCO costs are more and more comparable to those of traditional fuel cars by adapting the use and the conductive behavior.

Driver satisfaction 

Several reasons seduce electric vehicle drivers: absence of exhaust emissions, quiet driving mode, "one pedal driving" based on anticipation and regenerative braking.


Electric vehicles are the least taxed on the market and receive financial support, which promotes their total cost of use compared to their thermal equivalents.

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