Driver change

Intermediate Vehicle Deliveries and Returns

If you have to return your vehicle during the contract, you must make an appointment via the form below (“Car return”). In the event of a vehicle being re-allocated during the contract, an appointment for delivery can also be made via our delivery form. This appointment will be directly confirmed to you and will take place at NTT, West Side Village. When you return the vehicle, it will be assessed by the company CarLife for a potential reconditioning before the car passes to a different driver.

The possible damage will be evaluated and invoiced. Elements that were not returned on the return day will be invoiced in every case. Possible settlements (km, damage, fuel, etc.) will be sent to you by NTT.


So that the car return takes place in the best conditions, we advise you to return the vehicle cleaned (at least driven through the carwash). An accurate expertise cannot be realized on unwashed vehicle. Any dirty vehicle will be refused and a new appointment request will have to be done.

The following documents must be handed in at the time of return:

  • Registration certificate
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Road tax (tax sticker)
  • Green Card (insurance certificate)
  • Spare set of keys
  • Fuel card and code (reused by the next driver)

The following price list will be applied for any missing element:

  • Fuel card: 25 €
  • Key: 250 €
  • SNCT certificate : 42 €
  • Registration certificate: 100 €
  • Insurance certificate: 25 €
  • Road tax sticker: 25 €

We ask you to have every unrepaired disasters repaired before the return as contracts plan it. Unrepaired disasters will be recorded at full rate without consideration of the depreciation system: as it is a reconditioning, the Fair Wear & Tear guideline do not apply.

We also remind you that the warning light of the fuel gauge should not be on on the vehicle return. A sufficient fuel level is indeed necessary so that the reconditioning can be done in good conditions. If this is not the case, it will be invoiced 25 €.

Car return - appointment request

We kindly ask you to make the appointment minimum 2 working days in advance.

Car delivery - appointment request

The delivery of your car will occur soon? All you have to do is to make an appointment via the online form below. Our provider will confirm afterwards your appointment. In order to provide you with the best service you deserve, we kindly ask you to make the appointment 2 working days in advance minimum.