April 2, 2021

Last Wednesday March 24, the government announced the extension of the premium for electrified vehicles under new conditions.

Indeed, from 1 April, the focus will be on 100% battery-powered vehicles (BEVs), with the premium graduated according to the vehicle's consumption.

✓ The € 8,000 premium is thus extended for 100% electric vehicles with a consumption of up to 18 kWh/100km (e.g. ID3, Fiat 500 EV, Enyaq, etc.)

✓ For electric vehicles with a consumption of more than 18 kWh/100km, the premium is reduced to €3,000.

✓ Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) with WLTP CO2 emissions ≤ 50 g/km are seen as a transitional technology.  The premium will be reduced from €2,500 to €1,500.

The Luxembourg government's objective: "49% of vehicles in Luxembourg must be electric by 2030".