Spring is here... the time has come to put on your summer tyres !

Now that average daytime temperatures are rising, your winter tyres are becoming less useful. The time has come for you to replace your winter tyres with summer tyres.

April 27, 2019

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Why change? To avoid billing at the end of the contract for abnormal tire wear in your leasing, remember to respect the seasons to make the changeover. If you do not know where your tires are stored, call our FIRST team at 40 44 11 11 who will tell you your tire center.

Our preferred suppliers have signed up to a detailed quality charter under which they are committed to offering you their best possible service. Their service quality therefore meets our quality standards.  To guarantee your mobility and to provide greater flexibility, our network of preferred suppliers offers additional free services that LeasePlan has negotiated on your behalf: pick-up service, vehicle cleaning, winter tyre storage, etc.

Check your tyre pressure at least once a month

A tyre naturally loses pressure over time, and the amount of air that is lost depends on the temperature. We therefore recommend that you check your tyre pressure, including the pressure of your spare wheel, at least once a month and before any long journey.

Driving with over-inflated or under-inflated tyres shortens your tyres’ lifespan, reduces your driving comfort and impairs the car’s braking and traction. Insufficient pressure causes the tyre’s casing to weaken, with the following consequences: a greater risk of overheating and therefore blow-out, increased rolling resistance and premature wear. Excessive pressure will reduce grip, the tyres’ lifespan and will increase the risk of uneven wear.

It is critical that you inflate your tyres to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, because that pressure is specifically set for your vehicle. If you follow the recommendations, you will optimise the performance of your tyres, their longevity and your safety. Bear in mind that recommended pressures are different for front and rear tyres.

Tyre pressure can affect safety

  • Tyre lifespan: Under-inflated by more than 0.5 bar = DANGER

  • Handling: Under-inflation = impaired handling

  • Aquaplaning: Under-inflated by 30% compared to the recommended pressure = increased risk of aquaplaning

  • Braking: Under-inflation = longer braking distance

  • Fuel consumption: Under-inflation = the tyre will have greater rolling resistance and the vehicle will therefore consume more fuel

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