LeasePlan Luxembourg: new management for major ambitions

LeasePlan deploys its new fleet management and driver mobility strategy in Luxembourg. LeasePlan recently appointed Joël Fernandes as Country Manager to strengthen its Luxembourg operations ‒ which will soon be 30 years old.

October 9, 2017

In addition to offering high-performance, transparent and hassle-free products, the technological innovations currently being developed by LeasePlan are also aimed at consolidating the customer relationship by facilitating communication. We want to be a true day to day business partner.”

LeasePlan, the world’s leading vehicle fleet management operator, recently unveiled its new strategy, spanning 32 countries and focusing on driver mobility in the broad sense. On 16 October, LeasePlan deployed its "What's next?" global campaign, designed to illustrate its “any car, any time, anywhere” positioning – the group's objective for the coming years.

In Luxembourg, where the LeasePlan group has been present for almost 30 years, the management was restructured recently, with Joel Fernandes  appointed Country Manager on 18 September. With ten years’ experience at LeasePlan, Joël previously worked at LeasePlan France's head office near Paris. Two other experienced managers will help him implement his strategy in Luxembourg: Alessandro Tutucci, Commercial Director and Serge Cathenis, Operations Manager. “I am both delighted and proud to be joining motivated, expert and dynamic teams to meet the challenges of changing consumption patterns, emerging mobilities and digitisation," said Joël Fernandes.

Nearly 100 employees by 2018

The implementation of this local management team sends a strong signal, confirming the LeasePlan group's commitment to strengthening its Luxembourg operations and developing in that country by capitalising on the group’s history.

“In this country, our action for nearly three decades, our successes, our loyal customers and partners as well as our employees' recognised expertise are strong pillars that we will rely on to build the future. As such, the Luxembourg market will benefit from the group’s latest innovations. This ambition will be confirmed in the coming months with the implementation of the group’s Global Procurement team. As a result, the total on-site headcount will increase from 60 to almost 100 employees as early as 2018," explained Joël Fernandes.

A key player in future mobility

This expansion will be accompanied by new goals for LeasePlan at a time of major changes in the mobility field.  “People are moving from a situation where they own cars to one where they use cars as a service. New automobile technologies are also facilitating the shift from internal combustion engines to hybrid, fully electric and autonomous vehicles," stressed Tex Gunning, CEO of the LeasePlan group.

LeasePlan's new "any car, any time, anywhere" positioning will result in many upcoming innovations in terms of digital approaches, products, services and partnerships aimed at optimising customer and driver satisfaction. This new strategy will also meet companies' current challenges by optimising the cost of owning vehicle fleets and reducing CO2 emissions.   LeasePlan’s stated ambition is to achieve "zero emissions" in the automotive sector by 2030.

Luxembourg: towards electromobility

LeasePlan recently made a strong commitment to the development of electric vehicles by being the only company in the automotive sector to join the EV100 initiative (The Climate Group) as a founding member. This is a new, high-profile international initiative in the transport field.

“In Luxembourg, the market is particularly receptive to environmental issues and clean vehicles. It is also a national priority for the country, as illustrated by the creation of 800 charging stations by 2020. Our goal is to support our customers and employees to accelerate their transition to electric mobility," stated Joel Fernandes.

Note that under the EV100 plan LeasePlan committed to having all its employees driving fully electric vehicles by 2021.

Development of offers for small businesses and individuals

LeasePlan Luxembourg's goal applies to large groups and SMEs but also to micro-enterprises and individuals, a market in which the company intends to expand. Innovative offers will be provided to meet their specific needs, particularly in terms of budget, flexibility and vehicle availability.  The corporate “LeasePlan Click & Drive” offer, for example, allows the customer to pre-order a car via an online showroom and collect it within an extremely short time frame and at the best price on the market.

“We will be launching a whole raft of new services over the next few months to respond to consumers who increasingly want to benefit from the use of vehicles without necessarily owning them," commented Joel Fernandes adding: “In addition to offering high-performance, transparent and hassle-free products, the technological innovations currently being developed by LeasePlan are also aimed at consolidating the customer relationship by facilitating communication. This should allow us to spend more time advising and supporting our customers, for ever greater satisfaction. We want to be a true day to day business partner.”

LeasePlan Luxembourg: key figures

  • 10 000 vehicles managed
  • 1 000 customers
  • 100 employees (2018)
  • 30 years in operation (2018)

LeasePlan Luxembourg: Three experts in the driving seat

Joel Fernandes, Country Manager Joël Fernandes, 33, has been with LeasePlan for more than ten years. He is multilingual, being fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish, and started his career after attending ESCE Paris, as part of his end-of-study internship. He became Market Manager with responsibility for developing SMEs and indirect sales through partnerships. He then took charge of studies, innovation and new product development. In 2015, he put in place the LeasePlan group's digital strategy in France, becoming Digital Marketing Manager and developing partnerships notably with Uber, CityScoot and Drivy. In 2016, he became Head of Marketing & Communication France, a department comprising around 12 employees. 

With this wealth of experience, he was named Country Manager of LeasePlan Luxembourg on 18 September 2017. His role is to define market strategies to satisfy customers and launch new, innovative mobility solutions for businesses and individuals.

 Alessandro Tutucci, Commercial Director Alessandro Tutucci, 37, graduated from the University of Bologna in Business Management.  He began his professional career in 2005 in the commercial department of LeasePlan Italy as Account Manager for key and international accounts. He was born and raised in Luxembourg, and joined LeasePlan Luxembourg in January 2011, with a wealth of automotive market expertise and knowledge, as Senior Lease Consultant & International Coordinator, before climbing the ranks to become Sales Team Manager in 2013. 

He has been Commercial Director since August 2017, with the objective of making LeasePlan a key player in a changing automotive market and supporting our existing and future customers in the transition to future mobility.

Serge Cathenis, 44, joined LeasePlan 20 years ago. He has held both commercial and operational management positions. In recent years, he has managed various projects such as setting up the driver and customer care centre (FIRST) and launching the "clic clic vroom" online simulation tool. His role will now be that of Operations Manager. His goal is to raise the level of service delivered to customers while following the parent company's “One LeasePlan” strategy.

About LeasePlan

Managing 1.7 million vehicles in more than 30 countries, LeasePlan is a global leader in fleet management and driver mobility. Its core business consists of managing the entire life cycle of vehicles on behalf of its customers via a global approach, from vehicle purchase and resale to insurance and maintenance. Its mission is to offer innovative and sustainable vehicle leasing solutions to individuals, companies and major international groups. LeasePlan, which has over 50 years of experience, is a pure mobility player. To find out more about LeasePlan and the “What’s next?” objectives, see

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