May 21, 2019

Inauguration Electric Vehicle Charging point Dutch Residence

Committed to support the Electric Mobility in Luxembourg, the Netherlands Embassy in Luxembourg is pleased to inaugurate its Chargy charging point at the residence in cooperation with LeasePlan Luxembourg.

May 10, 2019

With, LeasePlan is expanding its used vehicle sales business in Luxembourg.

LeasePlan Luxembourg has announced the launch and development of its used vehicle sales business from its dedicated marketplace, a LeasePlan brand.

May 1, 2019

New white paper: When to switch to EVs?

When it comes to mobility, the private sector can have a significant impact on sustainability; over half the cars on the road today belong to corporates. Electric vehicles (EVs) hold the key to What’s next.

April 27, 2019

Spring is here... the time has come to put on your summer tyres

Now that average daytime temperatures are rising, your winter tyres are becoming less useful. The time has come for you to replace your winter tyres with summer tyres.

April 19, 2019

How to charge your car in public

Of course, you will mostly be charging your electric car at home or at work, but sometimes you have no choice but to use a public charging station. Although the procedure is the same as at home, it is advisable to keep the following tips in mind.