We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of LeasePlan Luxembourg by Leasys, equally owned by Stellantis and Credit Agricole Consumer Finance.

These major European players have significant assets to develop our future solutions and are committed to dedicate all the necessary resources to ensure a leading position in each market. With this transaction, Leasys becomes the fourth European actor with more than 828.000 managed vehicles in 11 european countries. The acquisition will enable them to accelerate the achievement of their strategic objective to become a European leader in multi-brand operational leasing and mobility.

This acquisition is yet another signal that confirms our willingness to seize any strategic market opportunity. Our way forward is clear and the new Leasys is set to become a key player in the European mobility area capable to offer innovative, affordable and sustainable mobility

Rolando D'ArcoLeasys Group CEO

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for our company in Luxembourg, creating unique opportunities to strengthen our development and be the reference in our market. Together with my team, I am proud and delighted to join Leasys, to become a European leader in the operational leasing industry offering a new sustainable mobility choice. The new company has strong ambitions and key strengths such as sourcing, multibrand approach, funding, network, investment and digital capabilities, supported by our strong shareholders. We will accelerate growth and innovation to meet the needs of our professional and private customers while offering an excellent customer experience. As we celebrate 35 years in Luxembourg in 2023, we are ready, more than ever, for what's next!

Joel FernandesManaging Director of Leasys Luxembourg

We are fully committed to providing our best quality service and customer satisfaction. All contractual commitments in place will be fully complied with.

As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions, please get in touch via your usual contact person or via the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of this acquisition in general? There is no effect on business operations and business continue to be conducted as usual. The legal name of LeasePlan Luxembourg S.A. will change into Leasys Luxembourg S.A. and [Leasys](targetBlank:https://corporate.leasys.com/english) becomes our new stakeholder, owned equally by Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. Please note also that the trade register number, VAT number and bank account details remain the same.Will there be any change in the contractual commitments currently in place (payment terms, pricing, clauses – early termination)? Nothing changes, any contractual commitments in place will be fully complied with.Do I have to sign a new leasing contract? No new contract needs to be signed. Business operations will continue as usual. Starting 1st August, new contracts will be signed with our Leasys name.Will I have new points of contact? No, business operations will continue as usual.  If you are a fleet manager, your Account Manager is at your disposal to respond to any question.  If you are a driver, our FIRST team is available by telephone on (+352) 40 44 11 11 or by email at [first@leaseplan.lu](targetSelf:mailto:first@leaseplan.lu). Will service and business operations change? No, business operations will continue as usual in collaboration with our employees and agreed partners. We are fully committed to preserving our service quality and customer satisfaction. We remain entirely committed to innovate and meet all your needs as we have done for 35 years in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.I have a Lease Plus private leasing contract with your partner Spuerkeess, will there be any change? There is no change in the partnerships in place with our agreed partners, including Spuerkeess, the leading retail bank in Luxembourg. We will continue to provide the best services and offers in the market.Can I still benefit from multibrand offers? Yes, we will continue to provide the best leasing offers for all brands available on the market.

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