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Our objective: your efficiency. For you, LeasePlan creates the e-fleet: a complete choice of connected solutions to support you on a daily basis in an ever more proactive management of your fleet. The idea: to offer you tailor-made operational and strategic management e-tools to enable you to give... your full potential.

My Fleet

Discover our new fleet management tool!

The new and improved fleet reporting is here! Now you can have all your fleet information in one place. With easy-to-navigate premade dashboards and the option to compose your own fleet report based on your fleet’s performance and needs.

Using My Fleet, you can:

  • Personalize your reporting based on your own needs
  • As fleet manager, see immediately what actions you need to take
  • Consult analyses, evolutions
  • Query and download detailed reports
  • Follow up on your drivers and take actions if necessary

If you are interested in having access to My Fleet, please feel free to contact us by email: first@leaseplan.lu or by phone at +352 40 44 44 11 11. Our team is happy to help.


Internet Quotations

Our online quote solution enables your drivers to configure their own vehicles and choose their own options within the parameters of your car policy. The user can access a list of vehicles and choose from the different makes, models, engines, colours and other options. Practical, easy to use and tailor-made!

Internet Quotations significantly alleviates your workload, ensuring a controlled and efficient process, while granting your drivers the satisfaction of personalising their vehicles themselves.

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Mobile app

The LeasePlan app helps you to look after your vehicle. Once connected, you enter a world specifically dedicated to you and your leased car, that helps you to enjoy your car with peace of mind.
After subscription with name and professional email, you receive your login details in order to connect to the app.

You can access everything you need to know about your leased vehicle at any time.

Logging into the app will give you access to:

  1. details about your vehicle (your agreement, fuel intake, incidents, fines, etc.)
  2. your mileage discrepancies
  3. the number for LeasePlan FIRST (the direct line for drivers (+352) 40 44 11 11 | first@leaseplan.lu)
  4. the locations of the nearest garages or petrol stations
  5. breakdown assistance
  6. online incident declarations
  7. administrative procedures (no claims certificate, tax disc, lost green card, etc.)
  8. advice on incidents, maintenance, changing tyres, etc.
  9. real time availability of parking spaces in Luxembourg
  10. real time traffic information in Luxembourg and much more still.
    The LeasePlan app is available from the App store (iPad/iPhone) and from Google Play (Android). All that’s left is for you to download the app.

The LeasePlan app is available from the App store (iPad/iPhone) and from Google Play (Android). All that’s left is for you to download the app.