Corporate car sharing

Flexible, smart mobility

As a result of trends such as urbanisation, sharing, eco-awareness, mobile devices and connectivity, there is a shift from vehicle-oriented services to individual driver-oriented services. Drivers are increasingly asking for mobility solutions going beyond the traditional lease product. To stay ahead of these changes, LeasePlan provides innovative mobility solutions.

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SwopCar: innovative mobility

LeasePlan launches a new flexible, user-friendly mobility service: “SwopCar”.

This corporate car sharing solution helps companies better meet their employees’ mobility needs while optimising their costs in a sustainable manner and relieving fleet managers of operational and administrative hassle. By allowing a company’s employees to take and share a SwopCar when needed, this service maximises vehicle utilisation, reduces carbon emissions and considerably diminishes the need for parking spaces.

SwopCar solution is compatible with most of cars in the market, either combustion or electrical vehicles.

Simple and quick reservation process

Reserving a vehicle with the car sharing service is a breeze! Employees reserve a vehicle online via a smartphone app or an online reservation platform. Vehicles lock and unlock with the mobile app or the RFID card, the virtual car key.

No more actual keys to worry about! Try it and you will love it!

Car-sharing advantages

The LeasePlan SwopCar service relieves fleet managers of the operational and administrative hassle of managing a fleet without dedicated drivers.

It addresses several challenges faced by fleet managers: the inefficiencies of finding out which car is available when, for how long and who will be or has been the user.

Car sharing offers 4 major advantages:

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SwopCar : car sharing made easier by LeasePlan

Watch our video to learn how corporates are being led by consumer behavior towards new modes of transport such as corporate car sharing. Do you swop ?