Maintenance, repairs and tyres

Practical tips for taking good care of your car

A little attention goes a long way! Discover the best way to take care of your car – from regular maintenance and repairs to seasonal tyre changes.


Regular maintenance

It keeps everything running smoothly! In order to ensure that your vehicle operates correctly, it is essential that you carefully follow the instructions in the maintenance manual and any warning lights on the dashboard.

Note: the oil supplements, additives, bulbs and wipers are included in operational leasing.

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You can of course also call us regarding booking of service and repairs. Call our FIRST team at +352 40 44 11 11 or you can use the MyLeasePlan app.

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    Call our FIRST team at +352 40 44 11 11

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    To preserve your safety and to keep your car in top shape, remember to pay attention to:


Changing your tyres

The provider will request LeasePlan’s prior approval. You can also book a free pick-up from most of our preferred suppliers. For a better service, we advise you to book well in advance.

Your tyres should be replaced as soon as they become overly worn (when the tread wear indicator is reached). You will have to pay yourself for replacing punctured tyres or adding additional rims onto winter tyres. The cost of these items is considered to be personal and cannot be included in cost estimates for tyres for the whole fleet.

    Make an appointment for tyre change

    Call our FIRST team at +352 40 44 11 11

    FIRST will indicate you to the most suitable service for your tyre change.


    For ideal performance, check your tyre pressure every two months.


Be well equipped to face the winter

In winter, a driver who has proper tyres is a serene driver. Indeed, when temperatures are below seven degrees, the role of winter tyres is essential for your safety.

Every year, at the first sign of cold weather, tyre fitters are so badly besieged by drivers looking for winter tires for their vehicles. To avoid long queues, we advise you to fix an appointment as from September even if you want to proceed with it later on.

Repair services for issues large and small

From a cracked windscreen to a dent in your door, damage can be frustrating. And sometimes even dangerous. Our repair centres offer quick and professional service. To get you back on the road. As quickly as possible.

    Make an appointment for repairs

    Call our FIRST team at (+352) 40 44 11 11.

    FIRST will indicate you to the most suitable service for your repairs.

The freedom to drive even when your car is in the garage

Major repairs may take some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your plans! Depending on your contract, you might be able to get a short-term replacement car. Moreover, the majority of our preferred suppliers offer your free extra services: pick-up, vehicle cleaning, courtesy car, priority appointments, etc.

Call LeasePlan FIRST or your fleet manager to see if you’re entitled to a replacement car.

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