Forms for administrative tasks

If you have any questions, the easiest thing to do is call FIRST on +352 40 44 11 11. But there are some administrative procedures that you can complete in a few clicks online. Simple and fast: request a no claims certificate, the code for your fuel card, a copy of your green card, a duplicate tax disc, a parking permit or even an expenses reimbursement.

Attestation of an absence of incidents

Would you like to know your current bonus/penalty? Our insurance rates apply on a mutualised basis, depending on the lessee’s fleet. That is why we may issue an attestation of an absence of reported incidents instead of a bonus/penalty attestation. This approach allows you to retain your own personal insurance bonus/penalty.

Fuel Card

You lost your fuel card or its code? You can get them back by filling in the form below.

Green card

You lost your green card insurance ? You can get them back by filling in the form below.

Road Tax duplicate (vignette)

In case of loss or theft of your road tax vignette (related to the road tax on vehicles), LeasePlan sends you a duplicate. You can make your request to our FIRST service via the form below.

Parking permit

In order to get a parking permit, you have to provide your local authority with a certificate from LeasePlan attesting that you are the user of the lease vehicle. You can directly make your request to our FIRST service with the form below.

Book your interim check

If you need to return your vehicle part way through your agreement, you should make an appointment for an interim vehicle check. The vehicle must, without exception, be serviced before being handed to the new driver. This interim check is invoiced 160 euros and does not include the restoration of the vehicle.

Report an accident

We must be notified of any damage to the vehicle, even minor damage, within 24 hours.

  • If a third party is involved, send us your European accident notification within 24 hours
  • For other incidents (no identified third party, window or windscreen damage, vandalism, etc.), all you need to do is complete the incident declaration form within 24 hours
  • If liability is disputed, a person is injured or a party leaves the scene of the accident, call the Police and demand a report
Tell us about an incident

Administrative aspects


Fines and reminders issued by the police (in Luxembourg or other countries) are automatically sent on to you (or your fleet manager) by email. If you do not pay the fine, we receive the reminders and send the customer’s details directly to the authorities. Dealing with these documents incurs costs and that it why we recommend that you comply with the highway code and that you pay your fines.

Yellow licence plates in Belgium

f you live in Belgium, there are two documents that you need to be able to show to the Belgian authorities:

  • A copy of your employment contract with your employer
  • A document from your employer confirming that it has authorised you to use the vehicle