Photo Tips

How to take photos for insurance claims

Damage to your car is always inconvenient. To help you get back on the road as quickly as possible, we offer you the option of having your damage assessed digitally. Based on clear photos, we select a repairer for you who will collect the damaged car and deliver it back to the same location, repaired. This saves you time and makes you legally stronger.

Guidelines for taking damage photos


Photos of the damage to the lease car are the most important

Good photos prevent the need of a pre-inspection. Follow our photo tips and view the sample photos at the bottom of this page:

  • Take maximum 10 photos;
  • Use your finger (or an arrow) to indicate damages;
  • Place a reference object (eg a banknote) next to the damage so that the expert can estimate the size;
  • Take both overview photos and detail photos;
  • Take photos from different angles;
  • Pay attention to warnings on the dashboard (parking sensors, airbags, ... ).

Take photos of the crash site

  • (If possible) Take an overview photo of the place where the accident happened (with relevant road markings, traffic signs…);
  • If it concerns a collision with another vehicle, also take photos of the damage at the other party, as well as of its insurance documents.

Good damage photos



A key as reference object


An identity card as a reference object

Indications on the visuals

Bad damage photos

Too close