If you’re involved in an accident or breakdown, your safety is our top priority. Use the information below to get the help you need, fast.

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Break-in or theft

In case of theft or damage due to a break-in, first file a complaint with the nearest police.

Then notify LeasePlan: by phone or via our online form within 24 hours. If you are not insured with LeasePlan, please also inform your insurance company.

Reporting of vehicle damage

  1. Report the damage within 24 hours

    Make the damage report via our Ubench website or via the My LeasePlan app within 24 hours. If the vehicle can no longer be driven/presents a risk to your safety, please contact our roadside assistance on +352 40 71 40.

    Send us the European accident report form by mail as soon as a third party is involved.

  2. Take a picture

    Take a picture of other vehicle involved in the accident, including the license plate.

  3. If there is a dispute, any injuries or a hit and run

    Call the police to file a report.


Call our Roadside Assistance at (+352) 40 71 40
For any vehicle damage or immobilization in Europe, always call our roadside assistance ( 24/7).
It is also the right thing to do in case of fire, theft, vandalism and flat tyre.

General damage

Have damage that doesn’t need immediate attention? Always report damage to us via our website Ubench or via My LeasePlan within 24 hours. Additional damage that is not reported will not be repaired.

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