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If you’re involved in an accident or breakdown, your safety is our top priority. Use the information below to get the help you need, fast.

Download below the essentials of what you need to know on accidents and damage.

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Accidents involving another vehicle

  1. Complete a european accident statement within 24 hours

    send us a European accident statement per mail and per email at within 24 hours

  2. Take a picture

    Take a picture of other vehicle involved in the accident, including the license plate.

  3. If there is a dispute, any injuries or a hit and run

    Call the police to file a report.

Accidents involving no other vehicle

  1. Report the claim

    Complete the accident notification form within 24 hours.
    If you can not drive the vehicle or if it presents risks to your safety, call our breakdown assistance at (+352) 40 71 40.

  • If your car is off the road and cannot get repaired on site, you will be offered a courtesy car. You can keep the car for up to 5 days. After which, LeasePlan will take over with its fleet of short-term vehicles. If bodywork is carried out by one of our preferred partners,
  • LeasePlan will provide you with a category B vehicle, free of charge.
  • Any expenses that you have incurred will be reimbursed by LeasePlan according to the terms provided for by the assistance service.
  • Expenses incurred due to the use of an alternative breakdown service will not be reimbursed.

    We must be informed of any damage to a vehicle, no matter how slight, within 24 hours.
    Undeclared additional damage will not be automatically repaired at the same time as another damage in bodywork.


    If a franchise is included in your contract, she is applicable by claim : an impact = a claim.
    Except for the icebreakers, hail, theft, break-in and game (for the last three a minutes is required.)


  1. Call our breakdown assistance at (+352) 40 71 40

    After any accident or breakdown in Europe, call our roadside assistance service (24/7): (+352) 40 71 40.This is also an excellent reflex in case of fire, theft, vandalism or for a flat tyre.

Break-in or theft

  1. Make a statement to the police

    You can find your European Accident Statement in your glove compartment

  2. Report the break-in or theft

    Complete the accident notification form within 24 hours.

  3. Theft abroad

    Back to Luxembourg, file a report at the police.

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