Inauguration Electric Vehicle Charging point Dutch Residence

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Luxembourg, May 17th, 2019 - Committed to support the Electric Mobility in Luxembourg, the Netherlands Embassy in Luxembourg is pleased to inaugurate its Chargy charging point at the residence in cooperation with LeasePlan Luxembourg
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We feel on a daily basis that the curiosity of previous years is giving way to a real interest with already many orders from companies and individuals. With our presence in all companies and now with Luxembourg residents via our Strategic Partnership with BCEE, our ambition is to support companies and individuals to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles in order to electrify mobility in the Grand Duchy. In Luxembourg, we are fortunate to have significant public/private proximity with a Government that is very involved in this subject. We must pursue this dynamic through 3 axes: educate, deploy, support.

Joël FernandesCountry Manager, LeasePlan Luxembourg

The Netherlands Embassy in Luxembourg is committed to also support the Electric Mobility in Luxembourg and connect Luxembourg and The Netherlands in this field. Dutch ambassador H.E. Han-Maurits Schaapveld has this spring installed at his home a Chargy charging station to support visitors to come with their electric cars to his residence.

It should also stimulate officials from the Netherlands to come to their meetings in Luxembourg by Electric car, now they also can go fully charged back again. Sustainability often starts at home, the residence is currently installing solar panels and rainwater tanks, to also make the historic residence in Weimershof more sustainable.

S.E. Han-Maurits SchaapveldDutch ambassador

The Embassy was pleased to inaugurate its Charging point at the residence with a small network event in cooperation with LeasePlan Luxembourg. During the event LeasePlan presented the current developments in Electrification of leasing cars and the change in the way we use our cars in work and private life. Tesla presented the new Tesla Model 3 and after the speeches and network event, all electric vehicles left again fully charged home.

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posted on May 21, 2019 by Cathy Klein in Sustainability
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May 21, 2019
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