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Spuerkeess enters leasing for individuals in partnership with LeasePlan

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“Lease Plus”, Spuerkeess’s long-term car rental offer, is tailored for individuals residing in the Grand Duchy and constitutes a simple, trouble-free alternative to purchasing a car.
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Developed in collaboration with car rental specialist LeasePlan Luxembourg, this new product offers Spuerkeess clients the possibility to rent a new car for 36, 48 or 60 months. Clients can enjoy driving a new, well-equipped vehicle with the comfort of an all-inclusive service for a fixed monthly rent.

The Lease Plus launch offer covers a selection of 15 models negotiated at the best terms available, and offers will be regularly updated, enabling Spuerkeess clients to have access to the latest models. All the information is available on and directly in our branches.

Committed to offering products that make life easier for its clients, the Bank benefited from the expertise of LeasePlan Luxembourg, a leading player in car leasing in Luxembourg and the world leader of the “Car-as-a-Service” (CaaS* ) model. With this offer, Spuerkeess clients can now enjoy the benefits of operational leasing, until now reserved for professionals. “Our clients’ habits are constantly evolving and some of them are seeking an alternative to the conventional car purchase concept. With Lease Plus, Spuerkeess offers an all-inclusive, trouble-free mobility solution,” says Romain Wehles, member of Spuerkeess’s Management Committee.

“LeasePlan wants to be the leader in mobility for both businesses and individuals. We have built a partnership with Spuerkeess to offer a sustainable offer, unique on the market, integrated into its ecosystem so as to better meet the expectations of Luxembourg residents. This offer is the result of a real synergy combining the expertise of two partners, the leader in the domestic retail banking market and the leader in the vehicle rental market. We have great ambitions and, for our 30th anniversary in Luxembourg, this is an exceptional event, auguring well for many more years of innovative, sustainable mobility in our country,” concludes Joel Fernandes, Country Manager, LeasePlan Luxembourg.

**LEASE Plus, all-inclusive leasing ** Vehicle leasing costs are totally predictable. Depending on the length of rental and the selected mileage, a fixed monthly rent is set. This rent covers all costs associated with the use of the car except those directly related to travel, such as petrol, parking and tolls. With Lease Plus, retail clients can benefit from a new car for a fixed monthly rent that includes all the services related to the use of the vehicle:

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posted on November 22, 2018 by Cathy Klein in Leasing
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November 22, 2018
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