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LeasePlan Luxembourg offers FlexiPlan a… flexible hire offering!

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LeasePlan Luxembourg is entering the market for flexible and bespoke vehicle hire with FlexiPlan, and is delivering the first vehicles from this new offering to Akabi, an international consulting company specialised in business intelligence. 

On the fringes of European Mobility Week, which began on 16 September, LeasePlan Luxembourg is offering total flexibility with a new product aimed at companies that have time-limited needs or do not know how long their hire period will be: FlexiPlan.
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FlexiPlan was developed for the benefit of organisations seeking an alternative solution to traditional vehicle leasing, with fewer constraints.

Joël Fernandes, LeasePlan Luxembourg’s Country Manager, explains:“The job market is changing rapidly. Digitisation, new technology and our clients’ increasing needs for flexibility are all factors requiring us to come up with suitable solutions. FlexiPlan was developed for the benefit of organisations seeking an alternative solution to traditional vehicle leasing, with fewer constraints”.

LeasePlan Luxembourg thus reduces the gap between short-term hire (which usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks) and operational leasing (lasting 24 months and upwards). Our objective is to adapt to our clients’ specific and changing needs.

“We have noted for some time now that companies are facing new challenges linked to activity, flexibility and mobility. Mobility requirements are becoming increasingly difficult to plan for, and in these circumstances it has become somewhat risky to enter into a traditional 3 or 4-year agreement. Start-up companies, and more generally all companies working in “agile” mode are particularly affected by these challenges. FlexiPlan means we can offer greater flexibility in terms of mileage and length of hire, by enabling the hirer to return the vehicle at any time without having to pay a penalty” says Serge Cathenis, LeasePlan Luxembourg’s Operations Manager.

To mark its 30th year in business, LeasePlan Luxembourg is offering a new solution, with the distinctive features that make medium-term vehicle hire so popular, such as sliding scale tariffs, immediate availability (within 24 hours) and no commitment. These criteria offer a perfect match for today’s mobility needs: “Any car, anytime, anywhere”.

We have an excellent working relationship with LeasePlan Luxembourg and we regularly need to hire vehicles for widely varying lengths of time for our consultants to use. FlexiPlan matches our needs perfectly, whether in terms of service, response times or flexibility. We appreciate the flexible tariff and being able to use vehicles that are placed at our disposal quickly, sometimes even at the last minute. What’s more, our staff are never disappointed with their vehicles, which are always very well-equipped new models.

Anne MinsterAkabi’s Administrative Manager
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September 17, 2018
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