End of lease contract

Before returning your lease car

When your leasecontract is ending or your mileage is up you need to return your car. If youneed to return it later or earlier than the contract is indicating you mightneed to pay extra. Discuss changes to the schedule with your fleet manager orcontact person at LeasePlan.

Beforereturning your car you need to make sure that all damages have been repaired.In the fair wear and tear document you can find info on what is acceptabledamage. You will be charged if damages are bigger than allowed.

Your carshould be returned with all equipment that originally was included with thecar. Take out any personal items from the car, clean the car, and empty any GPSor computer selections. Cancel and cut any fuel cards that are connected to the car.

Return car

To return your vehicle you need to book an appointment with us. You can choose between three different ways of returning the car.

  • Return the car to LeasePlan’s return address xx
  • If you are getting a new lease car you might be able to return your car at the same car dealer
  • You can order a pickup at your preferred address

We will perform a final check of the car with an objective partner. The check is used to determine any damages made during the lease period and whether or not they fall under the fair wear and tear guidelines.

Buy car

Would youlike to keep your car? You can! In most cases it’s possible to buy the car youpreviously leased if your employer allows it. By buying your lease car you havea car you know and trust for a good price.

FAQ end of lease contract