Leasing: the simple, hassle-free solution to keep your SME business on the move

August 1, 2019

Research* shows that driving a new vehicle, outsourcing all car services and repairs and flexible, penalty-free contracts are the top 3 criteria for potential SME leasers to consider leasing.

Unrestricted mobility and peace of mind are especially important to SMEs. After all, they're running a business in a highly competitive market in unpredictable times. Leasing a vehicle brings with it a wide range of services, tools and support.

Here's how leasing can help keep your SME on the move.


1. Always mobile

Efficiently managing repairs and maintenance after accidents and minimizing vehicle downtime is extra important when you need your car every day to run your business. Not only does leasing eliminate those scary repair bills, but leasing also ensures you're never without a vehicle which can be crucial to run your business successfully.

Take Sarah, who owns a small bakery shop. Sarah has recently expanded her services to include home deliveries. Not only does she need a van that perfectly meets her needs, but she also needs the assurance she will always be mobile. Every minute Sarah cannot drive, costs her money and could lead to an unhappy customer or a complaint. After consulting her accountant, Sarah decides to lease a vehicle for her business. She loves the peace of mind it brings - now she can focus on her core business.

2. "You do the driving, we do the rest"

Don't want to lose time managing car maintenance? Too busy to schedule in your winter car safety check that's been on your calendar for months?

Recent research shows that 77% of current leasers and 83% of potential leasers rate the proposition "you do the driving, we do the rest" as highly attractive.

When you choose leasing to finance your car, outsource all the difficult administrative tasks and services to experienced professionals. Let's look at Sarah's case. Her bakery business is growing fast and home deliveries are high in demand. The last thing she wants is to be bothered with car repairs, admin tasks or unforseen costs. With leasing, Sarah has said goodbye to paperwork and can focus on growing her business.


3. All-in service, one click away

It's well worth considering a service plan when leasing your vehicle. This gives you access to a range of services including repair, maintenance, accident management, tyre replacement, insurance and more for a fixed monthly fee. Sarah enjoys the convenience of a single point of contact for all her car leasing needs and can use the intuitive driver app for 24/7 effective help or to book her car's next maintenance. With an extensive network of premium workshops, LeasePlan ensures that help is always around the corner.

4. Simple, fast process

86% of respondents say that a transparant ordering process is one of the most attractive elements of leasing, and 86% mentioned simplicity of contract.

Leasing is one of the simplest ways to get behind the wheel of a new car. With the click of a mouse, you can order your ideal car online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Your leasing agreement fits your needs and budget and the fixed monthly fee gives you control over the costs. If necessary, you can adjust the mileage allowance or the number of cars and once the contract is up, the leasing company picks up the car for you, free of charge.

Easy, right?

5. New car, no worries

Vehicles have a limited lifetime and as cars get older, the number of breakdowns and costs of repair go up significantly. When you lease your vehicle, you always drive a new car with the latest technology and innovations, minimizing safety risks and mechanicals problems.

Hassle-free driving is just one of the benefits of leasing. Interested in learning the other benefits? Check out the blog 5 reasons to consider leasing for your small business to find out if leasing is the right solution for your business.

*Online research conducted by LeasePlan in collaboration with DDB Unlimited. A total number of 536 current leasers and potential leasers (consideration phase) among SMEs with up to 5 cars, have been considered in this study. The research has been conducted in 5 countries: Belgium: Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom.