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Keeping your company on the move

Managing an international fleet can be intensive, complex and time-consuming. Done well, it can also add significant value to your company's bottom line.

At LeasePlan, we are dedicated to keeping your company on the move. Our experienced team of account managers work closely with you to achieve your core fleet objectives:

With our customised offering, specialist expertise and consulting services, we help you tackle the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.

How we can help

Manage your fleet costs

Identify and control your fleet costs

Our team of specialists help you gain clear insights into your overall fleet spend and advise on how to control and reduce costs. We can help you optimise the performance of your entire fleet, identify areas of improvement while lowering your overall costs.

Optimise your process & policies

Collaborating to achieve greater fleet efficiency

Whether it’s standardising your fleet operations, sharing best practices or making smart changes to your policy. LeasePlan has the tools and expertise to help you unlock the full potential of your global fleet. We are here to help improve and streamline your processes and policies at both the international and national level, while meeting the mobility needs of your local operations.

Meet your sustainability targets

Drive CSR and employee engagement

Whether your challenge is keeping your drivers happy and safe on the road or meeting sustainability objectives, having the right insights will help you to make well-informed decisions. Our team of account managers deliver the reporting capabilities to understand the environmental impact of your fleet and smart solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and make the switch to hybrid or 100% EV fleets.

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