Transitioning to an electric fleet

Transition to a more sustainable fleet

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and offer benefits for drivers, your business and the environment. An EV fleet drives down your fleet management costs, brings tax benefits and significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs. But how can your company go electric? When is the right time to make the switch and where to start? The LeasePlan International Consultancy team has extensive experience supporting clients making the transition to a more sustainable fleet.

To ensure a swift EV implementation for your company, we offer you the following tailor-made deliverables:

Going electric - how we work with you

  1. Fleet Opportunity Scan

    The Fleet Opportunity Scan identifies zero and low emission opportunities (on a country and vehicle segment level) and assesses whether these are sufficient to meet your sustainability targets.

  2. Price comparison & policy update

    We compare the pricing of your current fleet with EV alternatives for the opportunities identified in phase 1. The TCO of EVs are compared to ICE vehicles. The results from phase 2 will also serve as input for updating your car policy.

  3. Implement the EV transition

    Implement the EV transition and getting your organization ready to switch to EV. This requires stakeholder management, new partnerships, and an updated fleet qualification process to ensure a smooth transition towards a zero-emission fleet.

Case study: Atos develops EV transition case and updates policy

With the guidance of LeasePlan’s International Consultancy team, Atos developed a case to transition to full electric vehicles by 2025 and updated its European car policy to include all relevant EV topics and the selected OEMs per country.

Read the full case here

EV readiness calculator

Will an electric car work for me? This is a question most people face when considering if it's time to make the switch from an ICE vehicle to an electric car, plug in hybrid or hybrid. To help with this decision making process LeasePlan has created a tool looking at the benefits and downsides of choosing different vehicle powertrains based on your personal driving habits and needs.

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