EV readiness & implementation study

Transition to a more sustainable fleet

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and offer benefits for drivers, your business and the environment. An EV fleet drives down your fleet management costs, brings tax benefits and significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs. But how can your company go electric? When is the right time to make the switch and where to start? LeasePlan consultants have extensive experience supporting clients making the transition to a more sustainable fleet. Here's what we offer to ensure a swift EV implementation.

This is how we can help your company with tailor-made deliverables:

  • Business case detailing the financial impact of an EV fleet for your company
  • EV Impact Study for all stakeholders
  • Implementation plan and policy update

Going electric - what to expect

  1. Analyse current state
    • Collect and complete client fleet data and car policies
    • Create comprehensive fleet and policy baseline
    • Interview key stakeholders
  2. Vehicle & TCO impact
    • Analyse suitable Electric Vehicles that fit the car policy
    • Calculate the TCO impact when changing to EV
  3. Driver impact
    • Calculate and provide TCO insights on the driver when moving to an EV
    • Includes vehicle choice, driver taxation and impact on operational driver processes
  4. Charging impact
    • Analysis on charging possibilities and cost impact of charging
    • Includes home charging, workplace charging and public charging
  5. Summarise recommendations
    • Summarise and provide an overview of all relevant elements to decide on a transition to electric vehicles
  6. Write implementation plan
    • Provide an implementation plan with scoping, actions and timeliness
  7. Update policy
    • Provide necessary policy text to embed the EV transition
    • Share best practice policy

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