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Whether you are looking to reduce your CO₂, improve your overall fleet performance or lower your total cost of mobility, we can support you with the latest insights and to discover what’s next for your global fleet. Our team can execute a thorough analysis to bring you in-depth insights and trends on relevant fleet topics within industries.

LeasePlan Industry Fleet Ranking 2019

Stay on top of the latest fuel fleet trends across the different industries. In this report, we look at the changes in share of different fuel types and the average CO₂ emissions across industries. Find out how the Financial & Professional Services Industry is leading the way towards a future-proof European passenger car fleet.

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Industry benchmark reports

Are you a fleet manager looking to gain a deeper level of insight into the key fleet developments in your industry? LeasePlan’s industry-specific benchmark reports offer the latest insights and best practices around the most important topics for your business:

  • term & mileages
  • most popular vehicle types
  • fuel type mix across Europe
  • CO₂ emissions across Europe

Make better-informed fleet management decisions, improve the efficiency and health of your fleet and reduce operating costs with our free industry reports.

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Is your industry not yet available for benchmarking?

This is what’s coming up next in terms of industry reports: Automotive, Healthcare, Energy & Chemicals and Transport.

This is what’s coming up next in terms of industry reports: Automotive, Healthcare, Energy & Chemicals and Transport.

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Tailored industry benchmark

How do you measure up against your peers?

As a global fleet manager it's important to be competitive with other companies in your sector, but you don't want to overpay on your fleet? The Tailored Industry Benchmark report is your solution. This paid-for service offers unique granular insights in how you are performing compared to (anonymised) industry peers in terms of OEM and make breakdown, contract term, annual mileage, average CO₂ levels, and fuel mix.

How this helps you:

  • Better understanding of how your company stacks up against industry peers in key measures
  • Indication of performance gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Help you make better informed mobility decisions and adopt best practices
  • Help you improve fleet quality, costs control and increase efficiency

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