How does your fleet measure up?

Insights by Erik Dopper

March 5, 2020

Erik Dopper International Sales Director, LeasePlan International

As a fleet manager there are often many external sources of information which can make you question the right way forward for your fleet strategy. What is the market doing and what are the competitors doing? Are you performing well? Are you lagging behind and need to make improvements to catch up with your industry peers?

Benchmarking is a recurring request in my conversations with international customers. In my experience working closely with them, it is clear that each fleet is unique in what needs to be benchmarked. This is why we develop tailor-made benchmark reports together with our International Consultancy Services. This involves capturing, recording and reporting on crucial fleet line items for our customers. LeasePlan manages a large fleet worldwide which constitutes a great source of information. By analysing the fleets of our international clients within a specific industry, we are able to identify trends and how a customer stacks up against peers which can help them in improving or changing their fleet strategy.

For a large international customer the in-depth benchmark helped in defining their vehicle selection policy in line with the industry

Compare your fleet against industry peers

Depending on your challenges, the reports can be bespoke ultimately supporting your needs as a fleet manager. Feel free to contact me to further discuss this topic.