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From EV to ESG: LeasePlan launches sustainability strategy update

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LeasePlan is kicking off the second week of COP26 by launching ‘Driving to Zero’, its updated sustainability strategy designed to achieve net zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across its global operations (scopes 1, 2 & 3), and act decisively to address the most important ESG issues facing the industry today.
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The strategy will be presented for the first time around EV100’s RouteZero fleet innovation panel in Glasgow tomorrow.

‘Driving to Zero’ builds on LeasePlan’s industry-leading commitment to achieve net zero emissions from its funded fleet by 2030, announced at the launch of the EV100 organisation in 2017.

The decisions we make in the remaining hours of COP26 will determine the kind of future we leave our children and grandchildren. All of us, from governments to business leaders, need to stop talking and come forward with credible plans to decarbonize our planet and avoid the worst impacts of the climate emergency. That’s why I’m proud to announce our ‘Driving to Zero’ sustainability strategy update. This includes a plan to set science-based abatement pathways for all LeasePlan’s GHG emissions, as well as actions to address the major ESG challenges facing the industry today. We hope that other responsible corporates follow our lead and take concrete action to build a more sustainable, inclusive world.

Tex GunningCEO of LeasePlan

Key highlights

LeasePlan’s ‘Driving to Zero’ sustainability strategy features the following key highlights:

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  • Net zero emission ambitions across LeasePlan’s operations and value chain globally (GHG emissions scope 1, 2 & 3), validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Formal integration of climate and environmental-related risks into LeasePlan’s strategy, governance, risk management and disclosures in line with ECB and TCFD recommendations


  • New commitments to increase representation of diverse talent in senior management and to equalise benefits for LGBTQI+ LeasePlanners, regardless of local legislation
  • New global procurement policy to help drive up ESG standards across LeasePlan’s value chain


  • New sustainability governance structure to support the rollout of the ‘Driving to Zero’ strategy update and ensure management accountability for ESG progress
  • Formal integration of ESG into LeasePlan’s remuneration policies for senior executives
Published at November 8, 2021
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November 8, 2021
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