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Meet the experts: LeasePlan consultancy services

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Balancing fleet costs, driver satisfaction and sustainability on top of keep track of changing market regulations is becoming increasingly difficult. To make life simpler, LeasePlan has trained and dedicated consultants on both a local and international level to provide objective fleet advice to our clients.
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In the International Consultancy Team we have three expert fleet consultants working with international clients on mobility advice, electric vehicle fleet implementation, fleet optimisation, cost savings, benchmarking and more. All projects are tailored to the client’s needs.

Meet our international consultants

Sjoerd Brenters

Sjoerd is the Director of the International Consultancy team at LeasePlan, helping multinationals identify cost savings and reduce the environmental impact of their fleet.

Articles by SjoerdKey automotive trends for 2021Electrifying your eLCV fleet white paper

A big part of my role is to ensure both LeasePlan’s account managers and clients directly have access to tools and knowledge our clients need.

Sjoerd BrentersDirector of International Consultancy Services

David Wefers Bettink

David works with multinationals identifying cost savings and reducing fleet CO2 emissions. David is also responsible for developing white papers and studies on trends in the auto industry.

Articles by DavidAtos develops EV transition case2021 industry fleet sustainability ranking

My latest work focuses on Industry Benchmarks, comparing items such as CO2 emissions and trending vehicle models over the last three years for six different industries.

David Wefers BettinkFleet Consultant

Joel Wetterhahn

Joel joined LeasePlan Consultancy Services in 2019, providing insights and advice to LeasePlan's global clients. He has been heavily involved in the development of LeasePlan's new Fleet Cost Tracking tool.

Articles by JoelThe importance of an up to date car policy

Providing our clients with relevant insights into cost competitiveness, total cost of ownership and car policies is a focus of mine.

Joel WetterhahnFleet consultant

Whatever your fleet challenges, we're here to meet them

The International Consultancy team takes a structured approach in helping clients achieve their goals around CO2 reduction, vehicle selection, TCO, and the switch to EV.

Sustainable cost savings

Our consultants review every TCO and mobility aspect, including LeasePlan’s own performance. Once you’ve taken all the obvious steps, how do you achieve further cost reductions? This is where we can add real value, finding additional savings without compromising fleet performance or driver satisfaction.

Greener & leaner fleet

More sustainable fleet and mobility practices can have a major positive impact on your carbon footprint. Our consultants help you reduce CO2 emissions, scanning your fleet and identifying low emission opportunities, comparing TCO of EVs compared to ICE, updating car policies, and by implementing electric vehicle transition plans.

Best practices and benchmarking

Is your car policy best-in-class, competitive or sub-standard? Benchmarking is the ideal way to track your peers and set realistic targets. Whether it’s lease vehicles, job grades or cash allowances, we set the right parameters so you can compare apples with apples. The benchmark analysis outcomes can be used to align your fleet policy with the optimal balance of driver benefits, competitiveness and efficiency.

Want to know more about LeasePlan Consultancy Services? Get in touch with your LeasePlan contact person.

Published at September 7, 2021
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September 7, 2021
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