Saskia Harreman

Head of Knowledge Centre

Saskia Harreman heads up LeasePlan’s newly established Knowledge Centre. She is responsible for catalysing the performance of LeasePlan’s client service teams on the topics most needed by clients. She delivers on this mission by strengthening connections between practice managers and knowledge professionals as well as by driving research and capturing insight within LeasePlan.
To lead this work, she keeps up with developments in the world of mobility, automotive development, fleet management and related topics such as optimisation programmes, sustainability and safety.

Saskia has a long history in the automotive and fleet management sector. Earlier in her career, she founded the International Consultancy division, with Sustainable Fleet Management being one of the cornerstones of the advisory program. She guided many corporates on their journey to further optimise their fleet internationally and to lower the impact their company car fleet has on the environment.


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