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At LeasePlan, we are always asking What's next in mobility.

Join our team and be part of a dynamic, exciting and engaging business, so we can discover What’s next together!

To continue LeasePlan's success story in the fast-moving automotive industry, we are actively building our digital presence to create the "future of Digital" in the mobility industry, and to achieve our vision of "any car, anywhere, anytime". At LeasePlan Digital, our ambition is to create a customer-centric experience across all digital touchpoints to deliver true value to our customers and in turn maximize long-term customer satisfaction.  

What you will do: 

A typical day starts with a standup, where you synchronize with the team. Tell them what you worked on, what was cool during the day and what could have gone better.

Then you will dive into some tasks you have planned to tackle for the day. It can be a small task like guiding a developer to fix it is GitLab pipeline, but it could also be a bigger project like enabling Istio for the developers to use on our Kubernetes based platform.

Meetings (sadly) do still happen, and you will be asked to take part from time to time, but we strive (and succeed) to keep them on topic and useful. We are all about feedback and you can always count on the team as well as the management to lend you any assistance or guidance needed – the same will be expected from you though. Finally, the day after you are ready to merge to master. You will deploy everything up to prod so that code and deployment are aligned with Infrastructure as code. 

During regular (non-obligatory) guild meetings you can show off your latest state-of-the-art tools and processes you worked on or voice your opinion on things others did.  


  • Research, drive, plan, execute and share.  
  • Pick up tasks from Agile board, use all your creativity to get the task done. 
  • Help and coach developers to use the DevOps platforms in an efficient way. 
  • Promote DevOps practices across the company. 
  • Advise and mentor other team members. 
  • Make sure the current platforms are up and always running. 


  • 5years' experience in DevOps practices.
  • At least 3+ experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services) or other cloud providers.
  • Experience managing Kubernetes clusters and debugging applications running on them. 
  • Good understanding of containerized workloads deployment and operation.
  • Hands on experience configuring continuous integration tools (GitLab or similar).
  • Good knowledge of Continuous delivery methodology 
  • Infrastructure as code with CloudFormation and/or Terraform experience. 
  • Setup monitoring dashboards and alerts in Datadog.
  • Be a DevOps ambassador/champion for the development teams.  
  • Using Agile methodologies 
  • Fluent English language skills 

Meet the DevOps platform & culture team

We are a mixed team (8-10 members) of highly skilled DevOps engineers. Most of our engineers have 10-20 years of experience in IT so you will be in good company. 

Our platform is based on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) and a lot of different AWS services like VPCs, CloudFront, API gateways etc. It is always evolving, and we keep making it better every day. We are also managing the software factory (GitLab, Nexus, SonarQube). The developers rely on us to be at the top of the DevOps world, so they can seek advice and guidance on how to succeed to implement DevOps best practices through the company. We are serving atm more than 300 developers and we are scaling up for more. 

A pre-employment screening is part of the process. 

Careers at LeasePlan

LeasePlan operates across more than 30 countries. With over 55 years’ experience, LeasePlan’s mission is to provide What’s next in mobility via an ’any car, anytime, anywhere’ service.

We also believe ‘you cannot grow a business; you can only grow people who can grow the business.’ LeasePlan is proud of its culture of service and care towards customers and each other, which has endured for over 55 years. By applying to work with LeasePlan, you are joining a team where you yourself will get to play a part in building the future of our business.

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