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Please read the following terms and conditions ("General Conditions") before using this website.

The navigation and use of the website available at the URL (hereinafter, the “Website”) implies the complete acceptance of these General Conditions for the use of the Website and the individual services and/or content provided for the same (hereinafter, the “Services”). Users declare to have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Use and/or any other note, legal notice, disclosure or disclaimer published anywhere on the Website.

The liabilities and guarantees specified hereunder apply for users on their own behalf and on behalf of any third parties related thereto that are authorised or in any case use the Website.

1. Scope
These General Conditions govern the terms of use of the Website and the Services that LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., with registered office in Trento (TN), Viale Adriano Olivetti 13 - CAP 38122 (“LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.”), offers its customers and/or users.

The use of the Website and the possibility to access the Services is subject to the acceptance of the General Conditions shown below. If you do not intend to accept such General Conditions, please refrain from making use of the Website or its Services and from downloading any material from the same.

Access to certain Services of the Website may imply the acceptance of the user to additional terms and conditions of use that, depending on the case, may replace, supplement and/or amend the General Conditions. In the event of conflict between the specific terms and conditions of a certain service and these General Conditions, the former shall always prevail.

2. Compulsory General Information

Pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 70 dated 9 April 2003, the following compulsory general information is provided.

The Website is published by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., with registered office in Trento (TN), Viale Adriano Olivetti 13 - CAP 38122 , registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome under CCIAA No. 709735 and VAT No. 02615080963.

The details for promptly contacting LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and for communicating directly and effectively with the same are:
tel. +39 06 967071
fax +39 06 96707400

3. Registration

Users that intend to use the Services offered on the Website must in certain cases register with the Website and, consequently, they must provide certain personal data to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. Anyone wishing to register must guarantee that the personal data provided is true, correct and updated, assuming all responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided. In the event the data provided by users changes, the latter shall be responsible for informing LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. of any updates as soon as possible. For more information on the processing of personal data performed by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., please refer to the Website Privacy Policy.

4. Use of services and information. User guarantees and liabilities

The main service provided by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. to Website users consists in the provision of an offer configurator which, based on the search parameters selected by the user, allows the latter to compare various long-term vehicle rental solutions and the indicative economic conditions thereof. To request the quote for the selected solution, the Website user must contact LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. filling out the specific contact form.

The information available on the Website may be consulted free of charge. The information contained on the Website is for information purposes only and, unless otherwise and expressly indicated (e.g. sales offers, discounts, promotions, etc.), does not represent a contract proposal or public offer pursuant to Article 1336 of the Italian Civil Code of the products and/or services described, nor may the same be considered binding for any business negotiations or relationships. The information provided on the Website, or via the same, does not represent or have advisory value. Decisions based on such information are made by the user under its sole responsibility.

To the extent permitted by current applicable regulations, and unless otherwise specified on the basis of codes of conduct and/or generally accepted business practices, users acknowledge that any use of the Website is at their own risk. The Website is provided “as is” and “as available”. LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. does not offer any specific guarantees with regard to the results expects, hoped for or obtained through the use of the Website and does not guarantee that the Website shall function without errors or interruptions.

Within the limits envisaged by Article 1229 of the Italian Civil Code, users represent and warrant to indemnify and hold harmless LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., its representatives, employees, collaborators, associates and partners from any claims, including legal fees, that may arise against the same in connection with the use of the Website and its Services. If applicable legislation does not permit the waiver of liability, the liability of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. shall in any case be limited to the fullest extent that the law permits.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. accepts no responsibility for any user claims regarding the inability to use the Website and/or its Services for any reason. LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. may not be held in breach of its obligations nor be held liable for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, arising from users due to the failure and/or malfunction of the electronic equipment of the users themselves or third parties, including Internet Service Providers, of telephone and/or computer connections not directly managed by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. or entities LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. is liable for, as well as for the actions of other users or persons having access to the network.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. reserves at all times the right to temporarily or permanently disconnect the Website and/or its Services (or any part thereof). Users acknowledge that LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. may not be held liable in any way by users or third parties for the suspension or interruption of its Services, without prejudice to specific, different and additional contractual commitments with users in this regard.

Any information (text or graphics) related to the goods and/or services offered on the Website but coming directly from the suppliers of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. does not incur any liability for the same, each supplier having exclusively responsibility for the instructions, specifications and descriptions contained therein. Consequently, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. does not assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, graphic errors or explicit or implicit guarantees of the information, content and software, the marketability and suitability for specific purposes of the information, goods and services communicated or offered by the suppliers on the Website, nevertheless stating that, upon request and to the extent of the law, it shall provide the names, addresses and any other information necessary to identify the supplier and/or manufacturer of any goods and services offered.

Users undertake to use the Website and the Services offered by the same in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, and in particular agree to refrain from, including but not limited to, the following:

a. Any improper use of the Website in conflict with the law, these General Conditions and any other indications published on this Website, or contrary to morality and decency;
b. Any actions that may affect the rights and interests of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and/or third parties, including intellectual or industrial property rights, or that may damage, impair or impede in any way the normal use of the Website, computer media or documents, files and any content stored therein;
c. Reproducing, copying, modifying, distributing, making available or disclosing in any other form any material and/or information contained on this Website to other websites or to the public, unless such action has been expressly authorised by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.

Messages sent to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. via email are not secure. LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. advises against sending any confidential information to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. via email. By choosing to send messages via email, users accept the risk that such messages may be intercepted, used inappropriately and modified by third parties. Users accept that any information or material provided by the same to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. via email or other means of communication shall not be considered confidential. By providing such information or material to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A, users assign and completely and freely transfer to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. all intellectual property rights pertaining to such information and material (except in case of pre-existing rights and the application of provisions on the protection of know-how envisaged in Legislative Decree 30/2005 and those generally applicable to the protection of trade secrets); within such limits, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. shall therefore be free to use, reproduce, transmit, distribute, modify, assign and sublicense such information and material Subject to the limitations above, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. shall be free to use all ideas, concepts, know-how or technical knowledge contained in such information and material for any purpose, including the developing, production and marketing of products using such information and material.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. also denies all responsibility for the information (text or graphics), documents or material uploaded to the Website by users during the use of certain Services.

Users acknowledge and agree that all information, data, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, videos, messages or any other material (“Content”), accessible publicly or sent privately, fall under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the person from which such Content originated. This means that users (and their employees, collaborators, assignees, etc.) and not LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. are solely and entirely responsible for any Content uploaded, published, sent via email or otherwise transmitted or distributed through the Website.

Users undertake not to use the Services or any other service or function of the Website to:

a. Upload, publish, send or otherwise transmit or distribute Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory and/or libellous, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy, racist, classist or otherwise objectionable;
b. Cause damage, in any way, to minors;
c. Misrepresent identity by posing, for example, as a representative of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., or otherwise lie about their relationships with other parties;
d. Create headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers or references in order to forge the origin of any Content transmitted or distributed through the Services, general services, or any other type of function available on the Website;
e. Upload, publish, privately send or otherwise transmit or distribute Content without having the right to do so due to legal provisions, contractual obligations or fiduciary relationships (for example, confidential information, confidential information obtained by virtue of an employment relationship or protected by a confidentiality agreement);
f. Upload, publish, privately send or otherwise transmit or distribute Content that involves the infringement of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights of third parties;
g. Upload, publish, privately send or otherwise transmit or distribute advertisements, promotional material, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of unauthorised or unrequested solicitation;
h. Upload, post, privately send or otherwise transmit or distribute any material containing viruses or other codes, files or programs created to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of software, hardware or other telecommunications systems of third parties;
i. Interrupt the normal conduct of communications or, in any case, act so as to negatively affect the ability of other users to engage in real time exchanges;
j. Interfere with or interrupt the Services and/or servers connected to the Services;
k. Breach, intentionally or otherwise, any applicable laws or regulations;
l. Stalk or otherwise harass third parties; collect or store the personal data of other users.
In any case, it is expressly understood that LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., at the request of the competent authorities and in case of the proven illegality and/or offensiveness of certain Content independently uploaded onto the Website through the mentioned Services or any other feature available on the Website, shall immediately act in order to promptly remove such Content, always in line with the technical times required for such operation, revoking the authorisation to access the Website of the user responsible.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. reserves the right to take due action against users who do not act in full compliance with the provisions of this paragraph.

5. Links to or from other internet resources (linking)

The Website may offer links via linking or framing (hereinafter, only “links”) to other websites or other Internet resources. Users acknowledge and agree that LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. may not be held responsible whatsoever for the functioning of such external websites or resources.

Hyperlinks and links of any other nature or based on any technology to the Website may not be created without the prior written consent of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.. In any case, the creation of such links, even when authorised, shall not give rise to any liability of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., it being understood that the same reserves the right to request the removal of such links at any time.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. is not required to control, and in fact does not control, the content of such websites and assumes no responsibility for the content and/or material, including advertising, published on such external websites or resources or for the products or services offered therein. Moreover, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. has not carried out and does not carry out verification with regard to the truthfulness, accuracy, reasonability, reliability and completeness of the content of such websites. Such products and services may not be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A, and therefore users assume all responsibility for the use and any purchase of said services and products.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

The Website and all content thereof is the exclusive and reserved property of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., and/or its assignees and/or third parties where indicated, and is protected by current national and international regulations on the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights.

With the term “Website”, for the purposes of the applicability of the provisions of this paragraph, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. refers to all content and technical-IT elements at the basis of the Website, including but not limited to the software allowing its functioning and the relative codes, electronic databases, text, photographs, animations, audio and video files regardless of format, reproductions of trademarks, logos, etc., technical solutions adopted, graphic design, layout and any other part created or to be created.

With the term “Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights” related to the Website, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. refers to all rights recognised and protected by national and international regulations, including but not limited to - with regard to all countries of the world and without limitation - any rights arising from patents (including the right to file the relative application), present or future copyrights, trademarks and/or service marks (whether registered or used on a de facto basis by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.), brands, trade names, companies, know-how, domain names, databases and all related applications.

With the term “Material”, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. refers to all content of the Website including but not limited to text, images, graphic design, files, software of any kind, audio material, videos, virtual animations, multimedia and/or hypertext elements, regardless of format, media, extension (including but not limited to: mp3, wav, jpg, mpeg, gif, doc, etc.), size, version in use and techniques used for distribution and/or transmission thereof.

Material published on the Website (e.g. product sheets, vehicle specifications, data sheets, etc.) may be freely used under the following conditions:

  1. Material must remain in its original format and, if reproduced, must always show the proprietary information of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and/or third parties, or indication of copyright or the authors;
  2. Use, in any capacity and for any purpose, must not be for profit;
  3. The source, author and/or copyright holder of the Material and the web address of origin must be cited;
  4. Use, in any capacity or for any purpose, of Material represented by legal texts (e.g. disclosures, contractual terms, etc.) published online is forbidden. Any violation shall be punished in accordance with the law.

For the inclusion of material published on the Website on CD-ROMs, software collections, USB media, etc., written authorisation must be requested from LeasePlan Italia S.p.A, its assignees or any third parties holding copyright for the Material published on the Website.

The reproduction and use of articles and informative material contained in the “Press Coverage” or “Press Room” section of the Website must comply with the provisions of Articles 65 and 101 of Law No. 633 dated 22 April 1941 as subsequently amended, which envisage: (Article 65) “news articles of an economic, political or religious nature published in magazines or newspapers, or broadcast or made available to the public, and other material of the same names may be freely reproduced and or communicated to the public in other magazines and newspapers, also broadcast, if the reproduction or use thereof had not been expressly reserved, provided that the source from which they are taken, the date and the author, if shown, are indicated”; (Article 101) “the reproduction of information and news is lawful provided that it is not done in a manner contrary to honest practices in the field of journalism and that the source is acknowledged.”

All rights to electronic databases available and accessible on the Website are reserved to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., which allows the mere consultation thereof. Extraction, reproduction or any other use thereof, unless otherwise specified, is forbidden to the extent provided for in Article 64-quinquies and 64-sexies of Law No. 633 dated 22 April 1941 as subsequently amended. In this regard, it should be noted that pursuant to Article 102-ter of the aforementioned law, lawful users of the electronic database made available to the public may not prejudice the holder of copyright or other related right in connection to the works or the subject matter contained in the database. Moreover, lawful users of a database made available to the public in any manner may not perform operations in conflict with the normal management of the database or that unreasonably prejudice the creator of the database.

The extraction or re-use by lawful users for any purpose of insubstantial parts of the content of the database, evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively, are not subject to the authorisation of the creator of the database made available to the public for any reason.

For any clarification regarding use of the Material available on the Website and/or in relation to the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights thereof, users may contact a LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. representative at the email address

The Material published on the Website has been carefully scrutinized and analysed, and was drafted with the utmost care. Although LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. attempts to provide accurate, complete and updated information, obtained from sources considered reliable, LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. does not guarantee, expressly or tacitly, that the information provided on the Website is accurate, complete and updated. Errors, inaccuracies and omissions are possible. LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. may not held responsible – with reference to the Material freely available on the Website – for errors and omissions, or any reliance of users on such Material.

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. controls and updates this Website from Italy and therefore is unable to guarantee that the information provided on the Website is appropriate or valid in other countries. Those using the Website from other countries must respect the local laws of the third country.

Unless otherwise specified, the information contained in the Material is for information and updating purposes only and is not exhaustive, nor may it be understood as the expression of an opinion, indication or assumption in order to take decisions. LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. may not be held responsible for any act or omission of users resulting from the use of the information contained in the Material without prior request to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. for specific details or opinions on the matter.

Users agree to strictly comply with the terms of use of the Material available on the Website and to respect all Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights relating thereto. Users shall be held responsible on their own behalf for any illegal or harmful acts attributable to the same, fully indemnifying LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. in case of conduct in violation of national and/or international regulations protecting Intellectual and Industrial Property - fully referred to herein and applicable to matters not expressly provided for - detrimental to rights of third parties in general.

7. Amendments, applicable law and jurisdiction

LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. reserves the right to make changes to the Website, these General Conditions and other legal notices published anywhere on the Website at any time. When consulting the Website, users must always refer to the current versions of the text of the General Conditions and the other legal notices published.

Changes shall become effective when the relative notice is published on the Website. The continued use of the Website by users, following the changes, shall be considered as acceptance thereof.

All users may verify at any time, by connecting to the web page, the latest version of the terms and conditions of use of the Website, as updated from time to time by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.

The General Conditions, other legal notices published on the Website and the relationships between LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and the users of the Website were prepared in accordance with and are governed by Italian law. Except as provided for in Article 33 of Legislative Decree No. 206 dated 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code), all disputes between LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and users connected or in any case linked to the use of the Website and/or its Services fall under Italian jurisdiction and the territorial jurisdiction of the Court of Rome, in accordance with Article 5.1 of the Rome Convention of 1980 and Articles 14 and 15 of the Brussels Convention and, where applicable, the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) No. 44/2001 of 22 December 2000.

If certain provisions of the General Conditions and/or the other legal notices published on the Website should be considered invalid or unenforceable, the same shall be interpreted so as to reflect the common intentions of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. and of the users, in accordance with the remaining provisions of the General Conditions and/or other legal notices published on the Website.

Failure to exercise, by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A., the rights and provisions envisaged in the General Conditions and/or other legal notices published on the Website does not constitute waiver thereof except in case of express written declaration by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.

8. Miscellaneous
LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. is pleased to receive from the public information or suggestions related to the Website and/or its Services. Users may contact LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. at the geographical address of LeasePlan Italia S.p.A.. Any suggestions or information received by LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. in this manner shall be treated as non-confidential information and may be used without limitations. Users shall be held responsible if the information provided to LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. violates the rights of third parties.

© LeasePlan Italia S.p.A. All rights reserved.

Pursuant to and in accordance with Article 1341, Paragraph 2, of the Italian Civil Code, users declare to have carefully read and expressly accept the following articles: Article 1 – Scope – Article 3 – Registration – Article 4 – Use of services and information. User guarantees and liabilities – Article 5 – Links to or from other internet resources (linking) – Article 6 – Intellectual and industrial property – Article 7 – Amendments, applicable law and jurisdiction.

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