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LeasePlan’s Contact Centre assists in service bookings, damage handling, providing service updates, addressing queries or complaint resolution. With a seamless liaison with the dealership network, the Service Direct team ensures all requests are logged and tracked until satisfactorily completed.

LeasePlan driver's manual

As your leasing partner, our aim is to ensure you have a trouble-free driving experience. This Driver's Manual has been created especially for our Full Service Vehicle Users. It is a handy guide on LeasePlan services, maintenance and repairs and other pertinent details about your leased car.

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Top 5 most asked questions

How do I report damage/accident? **Reporting damage / accident** If your lease car is damaged or you were in an accident, you need to report it to LeasePlan within 48 hours. You can easily report damage by calling LeasePlan Customer Support Team at 1860 500 5050 or emailing at **LP Assist** If your vehicle is immobile, please call us on LeasePlan Assist - 24 hour Breakdown Assistance on 1800 103 3131, so that your vehicle can be towed to the nearest LeasePlan Designated workshop. LeasePlan Assist - 24 hour Breakdown Assistance Service is available only if your company has contracted for it. **Damage by an unknown counterparty** In case of any third party injury, property damage or a major damage to your vehicle, please file an FIR immediately at the nearest Police Station and inform LeasePlan. As far as possible, mention the correct registration numbers of the involved vehicles and a clear description of accident/damages in the FIR. All matters relating to legal proceedings, filing of FIR, third party liabilities, etc. will need to be handled directly by you/your company. How do I make a maintenance appointment? For scheduled and running repairs, please book your vehicle at least 3 days in advance, by calling LeasePlan Customer Support or logging your request [here](targetBlank: The same process should be followed, should your vehicle require a tyre replacement. In case your company has opted for the Pick up and drop service, LeasePlan can arrange to collect your vehicle from your residence/office and have it delivered back to you after servicing. Please make sure that your car contains enough fuel to be driven to/from the LeasePlan authorised workshop. If your company has not opted for Pick up and drop service, you will have to make arrangements of taking/sending the vehicle to LeasePlan’s Designated workshop only after booking your vehicle with LeasePlan.What if I need immediate assistance? Is your car too damaged to drive? Please call LP Assist, our 24 hour Breakdown Assistance on 1800 103 3131, so that your vehicle can be towed to the nearest LeasePlan Designated workshop. LeasePlan Assist Service is available only if your company has contracted for it.What is the process for returning the car? At the end of the lease tenure, LeasePlan will connect with you to initiate the process of returning the vehicle. For a detailed process, please go through the LeasePan Driver Manual.How do I contact LeasePlan? For any information or support, you can reach us in the following ways: - [Visit our Contact page](targetSelf:/en-in/contact/) - Leasing inquiries: []( - Service requests: []( - 24X7 Breakdown Assistance: [1800 103 3131](targetSelf:tel://18001033131) - SalaryPlan inquiries: []( - Complaint and issue redressal: []( OR - Simply call us at [1860 500 5050](targetSelf:tel://18605005050) or [1860 419 5050](targetSelf:tel://18604195050)

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