Why leasing?

Whether few vehicles or a few thousands, vehicle leasing makes business sense. Easy and efficient fleet administration, higher productivity by freeing up your teams to focus on core activities and above all, substantial savings from a well-managed fleet. We help you make the right fleet choices that improve vehicle user safety and satisfaction, and meet your sustainability targets. Together, we ensure your fleet is well taken care of. With LeasePlan, you will have a mobility partner that helps you make the right choices so you can focus on what’s next for your business.

Benefits of leasing

Reduce Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) Benefit from LeasePlan’s purchasing power to pay less for your vehicles and services such as maintenance, repair and insurance.Less risk Leasing your company vehicles, means all vehicle-related risks are transferred to LeasePlan. We take on the risk of damage, insurance and residual value, while you focus on your core business.Free up resources LeasePlan’s team of experts are here to help. You decide how much of your fleet management to outsource; from finding the right vehicles to taking on administration and daily fleet tasks. It’s up to you.Safe and happy vehicle users With user awareness sessions and our monthly e-newsletter, DriveWise, we keep our vehicle users armed and updated with all the handy tips and information that aid safe, economical, hassle-free and environmental friendly driving.Lower CO2 emissions An electric fleet contributes to your company’s sustainability goals and corporate image. LeasePlan can support your transition to electric and reduce your carbon footprint.

Vehicle user safety and satisfaction

Our priority is keeping your employees happy and safe on the road. Our Customer Support team helps vehicle users manage maintenance and repairs and breakdown assistance.


Fleet management solutions

Depending on the needs for your company vehicles, we have a suite of products and services to choose from. Take a look at some of the services we offer for cost optimisation, driver safety and sustainability.

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