Lowering your CO2 emissions

Reducing your carbon footprint

We believe it’s our shared responsibility to provide for a more sustainable planet. That’s why LeasePlan is committed to a zero emission fleet by 2030.We encourage our clients to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and help them with fleet advice to define how to get there.

We help you transition your fleet to electric, so you can experience the benefits, such as lower fuel and maintenance costs, happier vehicle users and meeting your sustainability targets.


Charging solutions

LeasePlan has all the charging solutions you need, so you have a single point of contact for your electric fleet.


EV consultancy services

Advice on e-vehicle choice, car policy recommendations, EV feasibility and EV impact studies for your company.


Implementation services

We help to make your transition to electric as smooth as possible, with driver support, carbon neutral solutions and the latest EV technology.

Meet LeasePlan's EV expert, Mr. E

Switching to electric is easier than ever before.

Mr E is here to help answer all your questions about electric driving, such as; how does charging work? Or; can I plan a long road trip with my electric vehicle?

Why wait? Join the electric revolution and Start Electric today!

Seven reasons to start driving electric

  1. Sustainability

    Academic research commonly agrees that an EV is always better for the environment than diesel or petrol, even when you include the battery production. Soon, pressure on businesses to reduce emission will increase.

  2. Business continuity

    Organisations are more convinced about electric mobility now than ever before and their sustainability demands will only increase with time. Your company will need to redraw your mobility policies to include ‘electric’.

  3. Increasing range

    Driving range of electric cars has been improving with the launch of new models from various manufacturers. From the initial 140 Km range, cars that offer 450+Km in a single charge are now available in India, putting to rest the range anxiety concerns.

  4. Availability

    Electric cars are now becoming more available. With both Indian and global manufacturers expanding their EV portfolio, customers have more choice today than they had a couple of years ago

  5. Costs

    Thanks to lower maintenance, lower electricity and taxations, electric vehicles are in many cases already cheaper than diesels when compared to the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

  6. Happy drivers

    Drivers of electric vehicles are more satisfied. Driving an electric car is fun, easy and exciting thanks to ‘one pedal driving’.

  7. Tax benefits

    Government initiatives are making electric driving more attractive for certain mobility segments. For a faster adoption, one can expect more tax-friendly policies and subsidies in coming times.

LeasePlan helped us achieve an up to 30% more sustainable fleet with their fleet sustainability scan used by their dedicated consultancy team.

Municipality of Porto CityLeasePlan client, Portugal

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