Our services

That keep you on the move

We want to keep your company moving forward. Our range of services ensure that you go about doing your business without worrying about how to organise your mobility. Let’s have a look at how we can help you.

Our set of services include:

  • Fleet Policy Advice

    Our customers often depend on us for their car policy development. Our expertise and ability to provide industry best practices help companies achieve their objectives and create a clear and transparent way for end users/employees to use company cars

  • Acquiring and Leasing Fleets

    We buy vehicles for your company, basis the overall fleet mix your require, and lease it to you. Being a volume buyer of vehicles, our customers benefit from economies of scale which we are able to offer to both our large and small fleet customers

  • Insurance Management

    All our vehicles are insured making sure that you are guarded from loss or damage to the vehicles. Insurance is managed through the entire lease term of each vehicle

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Our team ensures that the vehicles are serviced and repaired through the lease period to ensure that you are able to move ahead with your business, uninterrupted

  • Tyre Management

    Tyre wear and tear is factored in your lease. Once the tyres have completed their useful life, we make sure that these are replaced with new ones to ensure that your employees continue to enjoy smooth journeys

  • Replacement Cars

    To ensure uninterrupted mobility or reduced downtime, we provide you with standby vehicles

  • Vehicle Pick & Drop

    Busy at work? We can arrange to have your car picked up and serviced or repaired at the workshop. Once done, we will drop it back to your office or location of your choice

  • LeasePlan Assist

    In case of a breakdown, our 24X7 breakdown assistance service comes in very handy. Our LP Assist partner can fix minor technical faults on site to make you mobile or even tow your vehicle to the nearest workshop in case of a larger problem

Choose LeasePlan for fleet outsourcing. Your fleet management partner.

We understand what's next in cars, in mobility, and technology. So why not let us take care of keeping your company on the move. We will take all the hassle away.