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Vehicle leasing and your business

If mobility is the lifeline of your business, you need a reliable partner like LeasePlan to provide and take care of the vehicles. Companies not only spend enormously on vehicle purchases, but also a great deal of time on managing this fleet. It all changes when you choose to lease. At LeasePlan, we transform businesses with our innovative vehicle leasing services.

What do we have for you?

Companies need their LCVs and business vehicles to be in top shape so that there are no on-road troubles and reduced downtime. LeasePlan not only takes care of this but also provides breakdown assistance and replacement cars to ensure that your business productivity is not compromised.

  1. Pre lease
    • Policy consulting
    • Industry benchmarking
    • Feet audit and selection
  2. Lease period

    Vehicle management

    • Vehicle leasing
    • Service and maintenance
    • Insurance management
    • Damage repair management

    Value added services

    • 24/7 Breakdown assistance
    • Fuel management
    • Pick up and drop
    • Replacement cars
    • Lead-in cars

    Customer services

    • Dedicated account management
    • Centralised contact centre
    • Post service feedback
    • Satisfaction surveys
    • Customer and vehicle user portal
    • Online feedback management
    • Performance reporting
  3. Post lease
    • Vehicle return
    • Lease of a new car

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