17 April 2020

Saskia Harreman Head of Knowledge Centre

The current coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation, and fleet decision-makers need to develop a clear view of how COVID-19 could impact their fleet operations in both the short and longer term. This includes thinking ahead – because the next phase is increasingly likely to entail not only an economic change, but also new challenges with a lasting effect on public behaviour, mobility and existing business models. At LeasePlan, we’re helping our customers weather this storm.

We’re navigating this together

As a trusted partner with over 55 years of experience, our top priority has always been to ensure the safety and business continuity of our customers. Our Covid-19 Response Plan aims to ensure we can adapt to the changing situation and in doing so, keep our customers’ fleets as mobile as possible during these unprecedented times. Out teams can provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to fit their specific mobility needs.

Turn a corner on this crisis today!

One of our most urgent tasks has been to help fleet managers endure the immediate impact of the economic slowdown. In this context, there are two decisive steps they can take right now:

First, they can extend, rather than renew, their vehicle lease contracts. This leads to immediate cost savings and offers them the flexibility to spring back into action once business has picked up again.

Second, they can delay scheduled maintenance, and focus only on critical repairs and legally required inspections. Delaying non-critical service appointments and cosmetic damage repairs allow available vehicle maintenance resources to be directed where they are most needed.    

Nobody knows what the next few months will bring, but at LeasePlan we are confident in our ability to adapt to these extraordinary conditions, and most importantly; to help keep our customers on the road! We know collaboration is even more crucial than before, and our expert teams are ready to help in any way that they can.

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