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Arrow downIs breakdown cover included?

Arrow downWhat cars do you have in stock?

Arrow downCan you lease me a commercial vehicle as a private individual?

Arrow downWhen is the downpayment due?

Arrow downWhat size fleet do I need to have to utilise LeasePlan's services?

Arrow downI want to lease a car for less than 2/more than 5 years. Is that possible?

We onlylease new cars for between 2-5 years. We also lease used cars for between 1-3years, all of which come with a fresh service, NCT (if applicable) & 2year warranty. Please check our stock on the Used Vehicles section of ourwebsite and get in touch for a lease quote.

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Arrow downWhat's included in the lease?

Arrow downDo I have to insure the vehicle myself?

Arrow downWhat is the lowest downpayment you will accept?

Arrow downI do less than 10,000 Km's per year but your website doesn’t offer a lower annual mileage. Can I choose to pay for less Km's?

Arrow downWhat happens if I go over my contracted mileage?

Arrow downDo you price match?

Arrow downCan I have a registration plate for a county other than Dublin?

Arrow downDo I get my downpayment back at the end of the lease?

Arrow downDo you accept part exchange/trade ins?

Arrow downWho can drive my Personal Lease car?

Arrow downWhy is leasing better than purchasing?

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