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See it as an all-inclusive rental package. At a fixed monthly fee. No need to worry about insurance, maintenance and (most) repairs. We do that for you. You just pay the fuel and go.

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LeasePlan started over 50 years ago in the Netherlands. And we are now in more than 32 countries. With a fleet of 1.7 million cars. So we know a thing or two about cars. Our main goal: always thinking of what’s next for you.

Whether it’s an electric car. Or one that’s just a little greener than the one you have right now. Fitting your whole family. Or just you. We’ll make sure we have the right car for you. Including all those extras that matter to you and your car. So you can keep driving.


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LeasePlan Fleet Management Services Ireland Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Warning: You may have to pay charges if you pay off a consumer-hire agreement early

Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your Consumer Hire Agreement, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit, a hire-purchase agreement, a consumer-hire agreement or a BNPL agreement in the future

Consumer Hire Agreement. You will not own the car. The car will remain the property of LeasePlan at all times.

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18 April 2018

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Explained

A DPF is a filter fitted in the exhaust system of a diesel vehicle. This filters particulate matter or “soot” from entering the atmosphere which causes health issues. The DPF catches pollution created by the engine before it can enter the air.

13 February 2018

Long distance in an EV

One of the biggest concerns regarding electric vehicles is perceived range. We are so used to covering hundreds of kms out of habit in our petrol and diesel powered cars. While battery technology is ever evolving and the mass production of EVs is bringing the purchase price down, how viable is an EV to cover long distance driving?

5 February 2018

How turbochargers work

A turbocharger is essentially an air pump. The purpose of the turbo is deliver more air into the engine cylinders. When the additional air is pumped into the engine more fuel is added by the fuel injectors. When the extra fuel and compressed air combust, more power is created in the cylinder.

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the lease? You have options with regards to the level of service you would like. All  leases include the annual road tax - we will send you a new tax disc each year &  the cost is built in to your monthly payments. You can then choose whether to  add on maintenance or insurance. Please contact us for an insurance quote. T&C's apply.I want to lease a car for less than 2/more than 5 years. Is that possible? We only lease new cars for between 2-5 years. We also lease used cars for between 1-3 years, all of which come with a fresh service, NCT (if applicable) & 2 year warranty. Please check our stock on the Used Vehicles section of our website and get in touch for a lease quote.What cars do you have in stock? When  you lease a new car, LeasePlan buy the car to fulfil your order. We will  always try to work with you to find something suitable in stock with our  national network of dealers, in which case we can usually deliver a vehicle  to you within 10-14 days of your downpayment being received. If you choose a  car that is not in stock we will order it from the factory for you, which  usually takes between 12-16 weeks to arrive depending on the manufacturer. We  have over 60 used cars in stock at any time, all of which we have owned &  maintained from new and are available to lease. Please see the Used Vehicles  section of our website to view our latest stock, and contact us for a leasing  quote. You can also visit our used car remarketing site CarNext, we're based  in Ballymount in West Dublin.Is breakdown cover included? All new cars will have a period of breakdown cover provided by the manufacturer, and this period varies by manufacturer & model. If you choose to take a LeasePlan maintenance package breakdown cover will be included, which also covers a replacement vehicle whilst yours is off the road (T&C's apply). Otherwise, you will need to arrange your own roadside assistance cover.Do you accept part exchange/trade ins? We consider all trade in requests, subject to the vehicle being traded in. We sell all part exchange cars to a network of motor traders, and the price we offer will be the highest bid we receive for your car. The entire trade in value will be put towards your down payment - we do not pay cash for cars either in full or in part.Can you lease me a commercial vehicle as a private individual? Currently,  we only offer passenger cars under a Consumer Hire Agreement.When is the downpayment due? Downpayment  is due within 2 weeks of signing the Consumer Hire Agreement, and in any case  prior to taking delivery of your vehicle.Do I get my downpayment back at the end of the lease? Your  downpayment is used to offset the capital cost of the vehicle in your quote, reducing your monthly payments. The higher your downpayment, the lower your monthly cost. Downpayments are therefore not returned at the end of the  lease. We will never ask you for a security deposit.What is the lowest downpayment you will accept? The  lowest downpayment for a Personal Lease is 5% of the vehicles total retail  price including VAT, registration tax & any options. Often, people will  choose to put down a larger amount to avail of cheaper monthly rentals. I do less than 10,000 Km's per year but your website doesn’t offer a lower annual mileage. Can I choose to pay for less Km's? Yes, we  can quote from 5,000 Km's per year. Please contact us for a personalised quote.Do I have to insure the vehicle myself? Insurance is not included by default, however LeasePlan are able to offer insurance as a contract extra and we would love to provide you with a quote. You must be over 25 & have a full drivers licence to use LeasePlan's insurance - we do not insure learner drivers. Please get in touch with us to get a quote to include insurance. If you choose to insure the vehicle yourself, you must ensure it is comprehensively insured at all times.Who can drive my Personal Lease car? Anybody  with a valid licence to drive the vehicle in Ireland, and who is insured to  do so. If you choose to take LeasePlan's insurance, your spouse or partner is  automatically covered to drive if they are aged 25 or more, live at your  address & have a full drivers licence.What happens if I go over my contracted mileage? There  is an excess to pay at the end of the lease, charged per kilometer you drive  beyond your contract mileage. This rate varies depending on the type of  vehicle & length of the contract. If you know you are going to exceed  your mileage & your contract is outside of the first 12 & last 6  months, contact us - we will be happy to discuss options to help you avoid an  end of contract charge by re-writing your contract.Can I have a registration plate for a county other than Dublin? Since  LeasePlan are the owner of the vehicle, it is registered to us at our head  office address and will always have a "D" registration plate. We  are unable to accommodate other requests, with the exception of Cork  registrations - please inform us at the point of order if you require a  "C" registration plate.Do you price match? We  believe our prices are more competitive than any equivalent finance product  available in Ireland today. However, if you have an alternative lease or PCP  quote please feel free to share the written quotation with us - we would be  happy to see what we can do!

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