Personal Leasing. Enjoy the Journey. We’ll take care of the rest

See it as an all-inclusive rental package. At a fixed monthly fee. No need to worry about insurance, maintenance and (most) repairs. We do that for you. You just pay the fuel and go.

What’s next for you?

LeasePlan started over 50 years ago in the Netherlands. And we are now in more than 32 countries. With a fleet of 1.7 million cars. So we know a thing or two about cars. Our main goal: always thinking of what’s next for you.

Whether it’s an electric car. Or one that’s just a little greener than the one you have right now. Fitting your whole family. Or just you. We’ll make sure we have the right car for you. Including all those extras that matter to you and your car. So you can keep driving.


Carefree driving with our insurance

  • We can offer fully comprehensive motor insurance on a personal lease vehicle from LeasePlan.
  • We accept many international license types.
  • We take the policy in our name meaning you can get on the road easily and quickly.

Terms & conditions apply.

The latest articles from LeasePlan

18 April 2018

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Explained

A DPF is a filter fitted in the exhaust system of a diesel vehicle. This filters particulate matter or “soot” from entering the atmosphere which causes health issues. The DPF catches pollution created by the engine before it can enter the air.

13 February 2018

Long distance in an EV

One of the biggest concerns regarding electric vehicles is perceived range. We are so used to covering hundreds of kms out of habit in our petrol and diesel powered cars. While battery technology is ever evolving and the mass production of EVs is bringing the purchase price down, how viable is an EV to cover long distance driving?

5 February 2018

How turbochargers work

A turbocharger is essentially an air pump. The purpose of the turbo is deliver more air into the engine cylinders. When the additional air is pumped into the engine more fuel is added by the fuel injectors. When the extra fuel and compressed air combust, more power is created in the cylinder.

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