LeasePlan Review - Skoda Superb SportLine 2.0 TDI

The Skoda Superb was introduced in 2001 offering unrivalled value for money and interior space. From then the Skoda brand went through a revolution of being the butt of many jokes to being renowned as one of the best value for money manufacturers in the business, helped extensively by Volkswagen Audi Group technology and engines. A truly astonishing turnaround of brand perception.

6 February 2017
IEskoda review

Skoda hit the nail on the head regarding design without going over the top.

The Irish Skoda network is well respected with a dealer/service agent count of twenty nine. The warranty is comprehensive and valid for 3 years or 150,000km. Its respectable, but not as extensive as its Korean competitors.


In SportLine Trim the usually reserved Superb develops a genuinely aggressive silhouette. Thanks to a subtle body kit, rear tinted windows, 19” alloy wheels and black detailing around the grill and windows. Skoda hit the nail on the head regarding design without going over the top.

Moving inside the Superb SportLine the interior is elevated from lower end models with the addition of alcantara and leather sports seats, alcantara door cards, ambient lighting and carbon effect trim.

Very comfortable

The seats are very comfortable, extremely supportive and infinitely adjustable. They denote this cars personality very well offering a sporty feeling while being flawlessly comfortable on longer journeys.

Rear passenger room is easily best in class and even rivalling a class above. There’s plenty of legroom for passengers and headroom is perfectly adequate even for adults. One of the Superb’s party tricks is the enormous boot. Offering 660 litres it beats every car in its class. Fold down the rear seats and you basically have a small van with space at an unbelievable 1,950 litres. No matter how active your family’s lifestyle is the Superb has almost all bases covered offering true practicality.

Technical specs

The model tested is the 150bhp TDI with 6 speed manual gearbox. Chassis dynamics are good offering a well dampened ride over bad surfaces as well as detonating a sporty drive. Steering is well weighted and direct although not as sharp as some competitors. Even in two wheel drive format the chassis is confidence inspiring and predictable.

The whole package from interior to dynamics is well built allowing the car to cruise comfortably but when you want to push on, the car is well able to offer a rewarding and involving drive. Being able to choose from Eco, Normal and Sport in the “Drive Select Mode” really changes the characteristics of the car. This alters the engine power delivery, steering weight and in automatic cars, changes the gearbox settings.

The 150bhp TDI has plenty of torque and returns even-handed fuel economy considering the performance available. On a long motorway run we managed a respectable 5.6L/100km. 0-100 kph is covered in a brisk 8.8s. If this doesn’t satisfy you there is a 2.0 TSI petrol available with 280bhp offering 0-100 kph in just 5.8 seconds.

The Superb SportLine is one of the rare cars that tick almost all boxes! Offering an involving drive as well as acres of space it is one of the most comprehensive estate cars on sale in Ireland.


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