Foreign travel

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Foreign travel

  1. Obtain written authorisation from the registered owner

    Prior to travelling, you will require written authorisation from the registered owner (either LeasePlan or your employer depending on the ownership of the vehicle) if you intend to take your vehicle abroad.

  2. Take out foreign breakdown insurance

    Outside of Ireland & the UK, we recommend all drivers to take out their own additional breakdown cover and also notify your insurance provider. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for adequate foreign travel breakdown insurance.

Questions about foreign travel

I want to bring my car abroad. What do I need to do? You need to notify your Insurance provider if you are travelling abroad. If travelling to mainland Europe you must contact LeasePlan as you will require a cover letter.
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European breakdown cover

LeasePlan drivers can avail of a €25 discount on European breakdown cover with the AA. Details will be sent to all drivers upon submission of the below form.

Non-qualifying LeasePlan drivers can still avail of a €15 discount on European breakdown cover by booking online.

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    Will you be travelling though France? All drivers visiting France need to carry a breathalyser kit in their cars. They cost approx €2 - €3 and they will be available at ferry and tunnel terminals for crossings to France.