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When you manage a fleet, accidents are one of the biggest risks. Not only the costs of repairs or deductibles and the expense of transport-free days but also the insurance premium which increases after an accident.

When you insure your fleet with LeasePlan, we can design a tailor-made insurance solution for you. With competitive premiums and all the coverage you need. You will receive a single invoice that lists both leasing and insurance costs and have one point of contact.

LeasePlan can offer you:

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability insurance covers the legal liability for third party property damage, bodily injury or death caused by the insured driver arising from the use of the insured vehicle.

Own Damage

Own Damage Insurance covers accidental loss or damage to the vehicle by fire, theft or glass breakage.. The coverage includes loss or damage to parts and/or accessories. The service includes recovery from third parties when the driver is not at fault.

Do you want to take the protection of your fleet even further? Then LeasePlan offers an additional and exclusive coverage option.

Ancillary Fleet Coverage

Besides the more common automotive insurance covers described above, *LeasePlan also offers specific ancillary coverage for fleet owners. These include GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection), end-of (lease) contract damages and ET (Early Termination of lease).

    Gap Insurance

    Covers the difference between the pay-out from your own damage cover and the vehicle's book value (or invoice cost) if the vehicle is total loss.

    End of lease contract damages/Unfair wear & tear cover

    Covers any wear & tear costs incurred when the vehicle is returned.

    Early Termination Insurance

    Covers and penalty charges incurred as a result of a lease's early termination in certain circumstances.


The best service and support

Based on our decades of experience in both fleet insurance and fleet management, LeasePlan can offer the most efficient and user-friendly service and products. For instance by providing one single point of contact for drivers and fleet managers.

LeasePlan coordinates policy issuance, renewal and termination in accordance with the lease terms. When accidents occur, we do everything to minimize inconvenience with rapid approval and repair. Our service includes direct invoicing for glass repair & the best advice on repairs.

With a single point of contact, fleet managers no longer triangulate between leasing and insurance company. And of course drivers receive LeasePlan's premium care and service.

*Euro Insurances DAC, trading as LeasePlan insurance, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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