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Five lessons from EV frontrunners

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As companies slowly emerge from lockdown and lease contracts come up for renewal, fleet managers are recognising the opportunity to support corporate sustainability targets by accelerating their shifts towards a fully electric fleet.
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This is a good time to consider the key lessons we can learn from early EV adopters:

1: Prepare

It seems obvious, but make sure your planning covers all elements of the transition process and addresses the issues likely to arise. Here are some of the most common:

2: Adjust your car policy

Clearly state your company’s ambition to switch to a fully electric fleet in the car policy and other relevant corporate policies. Be sure to include details of any available employee support services (e.g. charging points, holiday car options).

3: Communicate

Transitioning your fleet to EVs could lead to many internal discussions and may not be welcomed by all drivers. A strong communication plan should be in place to address the needs of your audiences, and could include some or all of the following elements:

4: Lead by example

Managers should be among the first to switch to EVs to demonstrate top-down support across the organisation. Select enthusiastic employees to take part in a pilot project and become EV ambassadors.

5: Monitor feedback

Listen carefully to what employees, especially EV ambassadors, are saying about their EV experience so you can tackle misunderstandings or misgivings early on. Also be prepared to fine-tune your fleet policy so that it’s aligned with your company’s and employees’ needs as the transition takes place.

Our experts

At LeasePlan, our EV specialists can advise you on the best transition strategy in every market. They will also support you throughout the whole process, including with vehicle choices, charging solutions and implementation services.

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Are you still deciding whether to make the transition to a fully electric fleet? Here are seven reasons to start driving electric.

Published at 25 May 2020
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25 May 2020
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