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LeasePlan Ireland

At LeasePlan, our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable vehicle leasing solutions whoever you are and wherever you need to be — so you can focus on what’s next.

LeasePlan Ireland

LeasePlan Ireland manage almost 20,000 vehicles and employ 80 dedicated people who deliver on the company’s client promise Any car, any time, anywhere

Our core business is the provision of fleet and vehicle management services to both business users and the public sector. LeasePlan’s key objective is to become the preferred partner for fleet owners by offering cost-efficient fleet management solutions. We offer a wide range of leasing and fleet management products, designed to suit the specific requirements of any client, regardless of its fleet size. We would be happy to help you look into the possibilities that we can offer in the field of fleet management.

Mission, vision and strategy

The road we are taking LeasePlan believes that a number of key forces will play a significant role in changing the vehicle leasing industry in the years to come. Our industry and the needs of the clients we serve will be shaped by sustainability, new technologies, increased urbanisation and regulation from governments and policy makers. Our future prosperity and business growth will depend on how we serve our customers, conduct business, drive innovation and partner with our stakeholders as these new forces take shape. Our size, scale and expertise have been the hallmarks of our success for over 50 years. We will continue to use our strengths to develop solutions that add value to our clients. We foresee a shift in services built around the vehicle to services built around the individual driver. There will also be an increasing demand for new mobility services that will require our services to extend beyond the vehicle to other modes of transportation. The future of LeasePlan is to continue to connect clients to leasing and mobility opportunities that make their lives easier wherever they are based. Our mission, vision and values provide the direction for the road we are taking.

Our mission Our mission is ‘to make fleet management and driver mobility easier’.

Our values Commitment, Expertise, Passion and Respect

Our vision We want to be recognised as the global leader in fleet management and driver mobility.

  • Performance “to be the most valued service partner”
  • Portfolio “to be the innovation leader in fleet management and driver mobility”
  • Processes “to make it easier for all partners in the value chain”
  • Planet “to make sustainability our responsibility”
  • People “to be truly the best place to work”

Our strategy The strategy of LeasePlan is to develop a global approach across the corporation for sustainable growth and profitability. We achieve this by connecting our customers to leasing and mobility opportunities wherever they are based in the world. The pillars under our global strategy are:

  • Growth
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer centric innovation
  • Right people and culture

Meet the team

Management Team

  • Joe Maguire - ICT Director
  • Sharon O'Buachalla - Chief Executive Officer
  • Kevin Harty - Commercial Director
  • Madeline McGovern - Operations Director

New Business Team

  • James Fleming
  • John-Trevor McVeagh
  • Colm O'Buachalla
  • Sheila Dennis
  • Kevin Harty
  • David O'Connor
  • Michael Byrne
  • Mark Conroy

Account Management Team

  • Geoff Fullam
  • Ben Savage
  • Deirdre Hudson
  • Mark Collins
  • Michaela Lehutova
  • Craig Kingston
  • Kevin Harty
  • Sinead Coffey
  • Lisa Davies
  • Stephen Dunne

Driver Support Team

  • Alfie Ayling
  • Matthew McGrath
  • Aidan McEvoy
  • Aaron Mullane
  • Ian Cahill
  • Conor Lumsden
  • Cormac Marrey
  • Christine Doyle
  • Donna Higgins

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